Thursday, December 20, 2007

Daryle Lambert: Two For One - Outsider Artist Doug Odom and Charles Lotton

I find surprises come at the most unexpected times and places.

Cindy and I intended to meet outsider artist, Doug Odom and his wife at the "One of a Kind Show" at Chicago's Merchandise Mart at around 10:00am, and then spend the rest of the day at the show. The first bit of excitement came upon arriving and immediately finding an open parking space just one block from the mart. Since I don't like to spend money unnecessarily, especially $30 to park a car downtown, that was my first sign that a great day was in store for us.

When we entered this block-long building and made our way to the elevator bank, we discovered that Doug had already left passes for us, and we were whisked into the elevator by escort like a couple of VIP's. When the elevator opened up, we entered a space that occupied the entire eighth floor -- and as I said, this building takes up an entire city block. Artwork everywhere! We finally made our way to Doug's fantastic booth, we were greeted with hugs and began to admire his latest creations. And then the strangest thing happened. I gazed up and over my shoulder and couldn't believe my eyes. Right in the next booth stood none other than Charles Lotton and most of his staff. Now what are the chances of that in a place this size, with over 400 artists?

Charles' and Doug's booths were kitty corner to one another and both had already admired one another's work and were in negotiation to buy or trade a piece of their work for the other's. Both booths were filled with people for the whole time we were there. Charles had Jackie and Brenna working his booth, and I can guarantee you that I would hire those two to sell for me any day.

After spending quite a long time with Doug and Charles, we toured the rest of the show, but I found only two booths that held any interest for me. One was a painter you will hear about, and the other was a fantastic young glass artist who I will be blogging about to introduce to you. Only four out of over four hundred dealers caught my attention, Like I've said before, we look for only the best.

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