Thursday, December 27, 2007

Daryle Lambert: Noteworthy Watercolor Artist, Tom Barnes

As I move around from place to place and run upon what I consider noteworthy talent, I'll write about it. This way, even if it doesn't fit into our plans to make money today, you can keep it in your mind to watch for in the future. Some day, when others are saying, "I wish I had bought one of his paintings way back when," you won't be among them.

Tom Barnes, an artist from Chesapeake, Virginia is one of these noteworthy artists. He was the only other artist at Chicago's One Of A Kind Show that reached out and grabbed me, aside from the ones I've already written about in previous blogs.

Self-taught, Tom Barnes works primarily in watercolors. Immediately, you notice the intensity of his watercolors, and this sets him apart from most other watercolor artists. His landscapes capture the techniques of the Fauvists, stylized with mountains, hills, plains and lush foliage. Still life subject matter usually captures a moment of repose and reflection interrupted by something unknown. There is always a sense of a passing motion in his color renderings of figures and florals.

Over the past fifteen years, his works have found their way into collections in Mexico, Bolivia, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, England, Nigeria, and Spain as well as many east coast and mountain states’ cities.

Five years ago, Tom and his wife, Gail, traveled to Abuja, Nigeria for a two-month mission trip where they taught painting techniques and interior faux finishing to twenty-four Nigerian artists as they designed and painted some 36,000 square feet of sanctuary and day care walls. They continue to travel there to work with orphans through Tattercoats, Ltd. a nonprofit, tax-exempt foundation established in 1975 to promote arts and well-being of children around the globe. They recently began work with HLIA School for the Deaf Tegucigalpa Honduras. Please contact Tom for more information on this effort.

Keep a eye out for news on Tom Barnes and you may be well advised to add one of his paintings to your personal collection, after turning a extremely successful transaction. If you can't wait, Tom has prints of some of his paintings available on his gallery website.

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