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I have been writing that the Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectible Club was going to come alive and it is doing that before my very own eyes. Over the week or so, Ondre will be listing the items that were purchased last week in Evansville, Indiana at Sohn's auction for all to see. I believe it would be well worth your while to visit the MARKETPLACE to see all the wonderful offerings there.

Over the next few weeks, not only will the Club have many new listings but its members will also have the opportunity to sell their items on the site through the classified section. Today, I decided to check out the new listings that Ondre put up and guess what? We listed six Meissen bowls and when I went to eBay, I found the very same pattern on a cup with saucer that sold for $162 with 9 bids.

We want the buyers to be satisfied with their purchases in the marketplace and I believe that these bowls will sell quickly. The secret to our and our members’ success will be turning inventory quickly and then reinvesting those proceeds and starting the process all over again. By compounding our money, the amount that we have to reinvest will grow quicker than if we got full retail for our treasures but had to wait months to see them sell.

I will be attending the Antique Show in Nashville, Tennessee from the 10th - 14th and if anyone wishes to talk to me at the event, my cell phone number is 847-867-7162. This event will be near the Opryland Hotel and I will be looking to buy quality items there, so if you're in the vicinity and have an item that might appeal to the Club, bring it on over.

Cecil will be meeting me at the show and for anyone who would like to meet the person that I turn to for advice and knowledge, you can join us in our search for treasure at this show. This will give you the opportunity to see that anyone can be successful at antiquing if they just spend the time necessary to find the items that others are wanting but not willing to put in the time to find. They would much rather pay you to do the work of researching and digging them out. Your compensation can well be worth the effort. A great example is when I turned $16,000 into $115,000 by finding a painting that a very large company wanted for their office wall.

I feel like even though we have spent a few years getting started, the Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Club is just taking its first steps. So let’s do this together and show the world that there is still opportunity available for honest people and that God will bless those who use the skills he has given them. Don’t forget the story about the three sons and how they used their father’s money. One of the sons buried the part he was given and upon the father’s return, he took all that money back. But one son took his part and invested it wisely so the father gave him much more to invest. I believe we want to be like the last son, don't you?

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