Friday, February 12, 2010

Nashville Tailgate Show - Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Club - What a Great Day.

God is Blessing Our Efforts

I have been on my feet on concrete for over fifteen hours and believe me, I need to take a break before I lay my head down. But first I will share the day with you.

The day was going rather slow until I met a gentleman that I had done business with about 30 years ago. He was an auctioneer in Iowa when I knew him and we set out to get re-acquainted. After the small talk, Cecil and I began to browse his booth and make a list of what we would like to buy. The gentleman followed closely behind us saying what he would sell each piece for that we picked up. All the time, I was calculating what my offer would be for the entire group of items. After some time had passed, I approached him and said "I would like to make you an offer for all the items on my list, but before I do, I have to state that this offer will hurt you." We both laughed but eventually he accepted my offer and we were both satisfied.

Included in the group of items are Lalique, Buffalo Pottery, Pairpoint, Loetz, Quezal and Cloisonne. The most unusual piece I purchased was a bronze plaque of President Roosevelt that once sold for over $11,000, plus the documents to prove that price. Cecil and I were getting very excited because the second show that started at six o'clock was supposed to be the show of the weekend and we could hardly wait for it to star.

Six o'clock came quicker than we expected and after eating most of our meal in two bites, we were off to the show. Yes this was going to be great. I could say that because the lines to enter the show stretched for blocks. Upon entering the first building and rushing through it seeing nothing of interest, we quickly moved to the next building. Again there was nothing. I began to ask what we were doing there. The third building was no better so I began to look for the free food and that was as good as it got.

Tomorrow, before we go off to the malls, we will retrace our steps to see if there was anything we missed. Yes it has been a great trip, but isn't it strange that these ventures never go as expected.

I really can't wait to return home so that Ondre, Gary and Bob can bring me up to date on all the great things that have been going on.

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  1. how can we get a value on a rose wood inlaid italian wine cart and three large italian candle sticks each about 3 feet tall and weighing a total of 33 lbs for the 3 candle sticks?

  2. First you must send us photo's of the pieces.