Monday, February 8, 2010

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What a Beauty George Tinworth

I have been interested in Doulton items for many years and even helped to create the Doulton Club of Chicago years ago. That interest in Doulton carried me on a merry chase through all the different phases of Doulton, the early Lambeth stoneware, Burslem porcelain, Kingsware and the figurines of beautiful ladies and animals. At one time, I had over 500 of the lady figurines and almost the entire collection of animals that was produced. Most of these were later sold when I thought the market for them had become unrealistic. Remember, everything that I have purchased is for sale at a price.

I have written on Doulton many times but I believe this is the time to bring your attention to what I think are real bargains in the collectible market and those items are mostly early Doultons. In the past, I shared with you, the readers, my story about buying a jug for $165 and selling it that same day for $7500 (by the way that story is in my book 31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques and Collectibles but that isn't where my story ended in dealing with Doulton. I have sold many Hannah and Florence Barlow pieces and each time made an average of $1000 or more on them. There is also the time I purchased several Doulton dogs which netted me over $25,000 when I sold them to eager collectors. Not to leave out the Kingsware items that I have sold over the years that doubled or better my purchase prices. Why am I telling you this now? Because I believe that Doulton has come full circle and it is time to begin getting active again in this market.

I was able to purchase a one of a kind Mark Marshall vase with his signature attached at a very reasonable price last week, plus what I think was the jewel of Sohn's Auction, which was the largest George Tinworth vase that I have ever seen. It is 19 ½ inches in height and I purchased it at a bargain. This vase can be seen in the marketplace at

The thing that I believe will be of utmost value is sharing trends with our members so they can take advantage of the current marketplace. Remember, I am telling you that the early Doulton now is under valued, but not all Doulton. In fact, there are still Royal Doulton pieces selling at auction that are overpriced, such as the figurines that were produced from the 60's on. In this class of overpriced Doultons, you will find series ware, with the exception of certain patterns showing golfers, automobiles and airplanes, Silicon ware and face mugs. But great artist signed pieces by artists like Barlow, Tinworth, Marshall, Butler, Pope and Simmance are now well below their true values and should be sought for resale.

I will be traveling next week so if you need to contact me, call my cell 847-867-7162.

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