Monday, February 22, 2010

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She is ready to Travel

I was never one to play with dolls but perhaps I missed out on something after seeing what they are bringing in the marketplace today. In fact, I am learning a lot about how dolls were cared for 50 or 100 years ago. It seems that the little girls often had miniature trunks that were their storage for the dolls and their accessories.

My interest in dolls was peaked when I purchased a camel back miniature trunk in Evansville while attending the Sohn's auction. This little jewel has all that is needed for the well-dressed doll to travel. There is the bottom where essentials are stored and a tray and covered compartment for the delicate items. Yes, you may want to even put your doll in the bottom compartment. The highlight to this little trunk are the beautiful and colorful pictures that adorn its insides. If you check auction records, it is very easy to find a doll accompanied by her trunk selling for thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars. These little miniature jewels are highly sought after and if you find one at a house or garage sale, don't be bashful but just step up and take the plunge. I believe you will be adequately rewarded.

My biggest surprise was what doll clothing sells for if it is vintage and part of the doll’s original attire. With my research, I learned that a doll might have several outfits which could easily double the value of the package. If they are contained in an original trunk, its value might blow your mind. I believe that vintage dolls and their accessories are perhaps in the top 10 collectibles on the market today and your search for treasure should definitely include them.

There are too many books on dolls for me to list all of them, but I would highly recommend that you visit Amazon or other used book resale sites and purchase several for your permanent library. I would suggest that you include one on American dolls and then maybe two or three on German and French dolls. Also, if at the present time you're not getting the Maine Antique Digest and Antique Weekly, what are you waiting on? These two publications have made me more money than all the other resources combined and their weekly auction and sales results are priceless to the person wanting to make money in the Antique and Fine Arts markets.

I will be listing our miniature camel back trunk soon and I believe you will fall in love with it like I did. My biggest problem is knowing what to ask for this fabulous piece, so if there are any doll experts among my readers, I would appreciate any help I can get on the pricing. Oh how I wish it had a beautiful French doll with her clothing in the trunk but maybe the new owner will provide those.

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  1. I went to find the Antique Weekly website to start my subscription but I can only find Antique Week. Are they the same thing? If so, it wants me to choose between East, Central and West. I live in Colorado, so I guess I should choose West?

  2. Yes they are the same and many of the articles appear in all the editions.