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Erphila Pottery – Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Blog - What Great Pieces.

Erphila Rooster - Thanks to

One of the members of the Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Club has come up with some great finds again. “Mary you have outdone yourself.” She has come across several pieces in a collection of Erphila and they are eye popping. The Erphila company was an importer of fairly inexpensive pottery. Their wares, however, were such that they would really catch your eye.

I was first introduced to Erphila when the only thing I had on my mind was creating the best canine collection in America. I never completed that feat but my collection had several of the rarest porcelain and pottery dogs that were ever made. Marshall Boehm, Rosenthal, Doulton and Meissen are the names of companies that comprised the larger part of my dog collection. However, there were less expensive and more common pieces by companies like Erphila that I was proud to include in the collection.

So who was Erphila? This company combines the Czechoslovakian company’s name Ebeling & Reuss with the name of the city where the importer was located, Philadelphia, and came up with ER and Phila. When you combine these, it is Erphila. Rather unique don't you think? Erphila started importing wares after 1920. Their whimsical figural pitchers, figures and planters became an immediate hit here in this country. Many of the items they produced have an Art Deco appearance so they fit right in with the Deco collections. Their teapots and pitchers command prices usually starting at $200 or more and good examples won't stay in your inventory long. You will find that often great pieces of Erphila can be purchased for under $20.

Yes, you can easily make $100 or so on one of these pieces but what is great about what Mary has found is that there are several pieces in a group. If you are lucky enough to find a collection of Erphila then the possibilities of make $1000 or better is quite good.

There is a great lesson to be learned here, You don't have to find that one great piece to substantially increase your bank account. A coin collection or a Carnival glass collection can bring you greater rewards than perhaps the beautiful Rookwood vase you found. When Warner and I went to Baltimore and purchased the collections of depression glass, Rookwood and several other items, we knew that the combined sales would put us half way to our goals for that year. Yes the rare and unusual are great but never forget what can happen with multiple purchases.

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