Thursday, February 18, 2010

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Now This is a Special Story
My Friend Andrew and His Mother

Over the last three years, I have asked the members of our Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Club to share their stories with me and I have a few special ones that will be appearing in upcoming blogs. I believe this sharing is one of the best ways we have to continue our efforts in the Antique and Fine Arts fields and to stimulate interest in these fields from others.

It is almost a self fulfilling prophecy that when others read of people making money, they want to duplicate that success. This can be done by people like you sharing stories of great treasure finds that were overlooked by others. Someone finding a copy of the Declaration of Independence behind a $2 frame made a lot of people visit their second hand shops looking to duplicate this feat after it sold for several hundreds of thousands. A lady buying a table for $25 and selling it for over $500,000 sent scores of people out to the local garage sales. This is what we are searching for, people showing interest in what we are doing.

Here is the catch. Most people are told not to tell anyone about their successes because it will create competition. Nothing could be further from the truth because if there isn't interest then no matter what you find there will be no market for it. Also you will find that people like dealing with successful people because they feel that if you’re successful there is a better chance you are also honest.

We create our own markets and here is one example of that. Warner and I helped create a very active market in Charles Lotton Glass, however, the Lotton company never realized the importance of our developing a secondary market for Charles' glass. I wrote that in my opinion he was the next Tiffany and Warner started the Lotton Glass Club. However, after being rejected by that company, Warner and I moved in another direction. The market will remain high for a few exceptional lamps and vases made by Charles Lotton, but in my opinion the average or lower end pieces will find it hard to maintain their values. In fact, looking at current sales, I believe the lowering of values has already begun. This company in my opinion was very short sighted by trying to keep all the interest within the company.

What got me off on this kick you must be asking? Well, while in Nashville, I was approached by a couple that were handing out little yellow fliers with the title “Wanted: Amazing Stories!!” To my surprise, as I read the flier, I realized they were going to be writing a column for Antique Week while later possibly publishing a book. What a great idea but they are three years late because that is what I have been doing for that period of time already. However, it may well be worth your while to visit their site because if they publish your story it will increase your visibility in the marketplace and possibly bring you business. You see we want to spread the great news not hide it under a bushel, as the Bible says. Please don't forget, however, that we want your stories too!

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  1. Eye Catching Story Daryle!! Especially, I eager want to know the success of your Antiques and Collectibles Club?

    Hope you share

  2. Daryle, I know you and Warner feel left out of the Lotton frenzie but, trust me it is still alive and doing well! This art glass attracts new collectors every day! I started my retail and e-commerce store specializing in Lotton and Satava Art Glass a year and a half ago and I can tell you that I am very happy with that decision. A dozen people from my area who had never heard of Lotton art glass before I opened my shop, made the 3 hour drive to Crete, Illinois last December to watch the boys make glass at the Lotton Holiday Open House and purchase new pieces for their collections. What is even more exciting is this year marks the 40th Anniversary of Charles Lotton's decsion to become an art glass artist. Charles also turns 75 this year and still is going strong making beautiful art glass creations every day! Come back and join the celebration. There are many treasures for you to find in Lotton Art Glass!

  3. Hi Deb

    I am glad to see you're doing well but when Charles lotton started his own collectors club instead of supporiting the one that had help him tremendously that was where I had to make a change. I wish him nothing but the best but I will be working with people that work with me like Dave Smallhouse.

    God Bless