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Because These are Just Like Ours.

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Silver and Gold may have become just commercial metals, but when they are incorporated into pieces of art, I fall in love with them. I have been writing about my experiences at the Auction in Evansville, Indiana, but perhaps the best thing about that auction was the wonderful silver pieces that I was able to purchase. After returning home, I unpacked the many boxes that I used for the transporting of my treasures The last box that I unpacked was filled with perhaps 30 pieces of sterling silver, from miniature tea sets to a train composed of three separate pieces, two cars and a engine.

I have found that my rule of not buying anything larger than a bread box fits silver items perfectly. It was hard for me to stay in my seat as these little gems of the art world were presented for purchase and I believe that over 90% of what was offered now resides in my home. Ondre is beginning to take the pictures and hopefully they will be listed soon, so that you can see what I bought.

Checking eBay, I am finding that the prices I assigned the silver are very low but they will fulfill our rule for selling. The silver master salts are exquisite and the boxes have detail that I haven't seen before. The silver market should prove to be very profitable for you because most dealers don't take the time to research the pieces they come across and the age and marks can take a piece from a value of $100 to $5000. This should encourage you to do your homework on silver.

I do recommend one book Encyclopedia of American Silver Manufacturers by Rainwater. This book gives marks for almost all the American silver companies and will help you identify your treasures. I tried to find a similar book on European silver but didn't come up with it. If you have knowledge of such a guide I would very much appreciate your sharing it with us.

The best silver story that I have for you is when I purchased a tea pot in the range of $500 and later sold for 0ver $2500. This piece was purchased from another dealer that hadn't done the research because this piece was from the 1700's. I believe the one that got away was the coffee and tea set in Evansville. I passed on it at $4500 but it may well have been a $10,000 set. You can't get them all.

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