Sunday, February 7, 2010

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Steuben Horn of Plenty

I have always loved great glass and if it is American, I love it even more. This is why I am drawn to Steuben of Corning, New York. This company was founded by Frederick Carder and T.G. Hawkes, two of the best known people in the glass industry. Last week, I was fortunate enough to buy what I believe is an unusual piece of Steuben. It can be seen in the Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Marketplace.

Steuben crystal vases aren't that familiar to me but this piece is a large Horn of Plenty in yellow that is highly etched. It is mounted to a marble base by a bronze hand and the signature Steuben is on the tip of the horn where it is inserted into the bronze holder. This piece has a great look and I feel certain that it is an ordered piece.

A book that I recommend our members buying is Glass: Art Nouveau to Art Deco by Victor Arwas. This book is a must for the serious buyer of glass and you should have it in your library. I keep recommending books to add to your reference material and each book will pay for itself many times over with the information that you acquire. In most cases, it is as good to have a used book as one that is new, saving you a lot of money.

One secret to Steuben is that the marks are sometimes almost impossible to find. Because I knew it should be signed, I have spent several minutes examining a piece before locating the signature. Here is a tip. When you find a great piece of glass that you know should be signed, take that extra time to inspect it. Also, spending extra time looking for the signature will make you aware of any damage that might exist on the piece. Damage is fatal to glass so take your time because when we are contemplating the purchase of an expensive piece of glass, its loss due to damage would set us back a pretty penny.

Hopefully, I will be bringing back additional fantastic finds from Nashville to share with you in the future but in the meantime I am still waiting to hear and share more of your stories.

By the way, I was offered six pulled feather Steuben lamp shades today and if any of you are looking for that many matching shades, please contact me. It isn't often that you find six shades at one time and these are beautiful.

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