Thursday, January 1, 2009

Daryle Lambert: Antique pottery by Cowan

Psst! Here is a big secret that I want to share with you. Cowan pottery has joined the big league. Most people think of Cowan as pieces made for the florist trade but they forget about the hunger that is out in the public for Art Deco pieces made by Cowan. This company made perhaps the best of the Art Deco pottery pieces ever made between 1913 and 1931. Guy Cowan had a wonderful stable of craftsman that helped him produce the wonderful pottery that is coveted today.

Along with Guy Cowan, there were artists like Viktor Schreckengost, Wayande Gregory, and Tehelma Frazier Winter. Pieces made by any of these artists are eagerly sought after and you can be assured that if you find pieces by these artists, your rewards will be great. The stylized mark formed with the word Cowan in it can be found on most pieces and this mark can be found in Kovel's book of marks.

We aren't talking about a few bucks here but many thousands if the right piece comes your way. I was fortune enough to see the Cowan Jazz bowl sell for $121,000 at a Cincinnati Art Gallery sale. Now that could change your outlook on life. In Cincinnati, the word Cowan seems to ring that certain bell of success. Just last November they had several fabulous pieces of Cowan in their holiday sale and their estimates amazed me. Here are just a few examples:

The rare “ Congo Head by Gregory $4,500, set of Russian Peasants $4,500, Spanish Dancers $1,800 and the “King of Clubs $900 were just a few of the Cowan pieces in that sale. Another place to see the value of Cowan is the Kovel price guide where you will find the bust “La Reveuse “ listed at $11,000 and the figurine “Fountain of Atoms” at $7,920. There are too many pieces that sell for more than $2,000 to include each piece but you can look at the prices yourself.

If you see a piece that appears to be Deco it would be wise to pick it up and take a look, you may very well be holding a treasure. I feel that the value of the quality Cowan pieces have no where else to go but up so keep a keen eye out for them.

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