Thursday, January 8, 2009

Daryle Lambert: Do I still have it? *** Our new email address is “” ***

I am sure that if you are like me you ask yourself every day “Do I still have it?” Yes, I have found many treasures in the past, but what about today? What gives us that assurance that our day for finding treasure is still out there and all we must do is continue to search? To answer this I must share my day yesterday with you.

It started out like most of my days, taking Joshua to school and walking my new dog Katy but then several things began to happen. No, it wasn't about the stock market because it headed straight down, but I got an inquiry about the William Slaughter painting I have for sale that has a $22,500 price tag. Then another person showed interest in my McLaughlin piece that I have priced at $2,750. This started to peak that old interest again so I set back to see what the rest of the day would bring. Nothing very exciting happened for most of the day but then I decided that it might be time to check my emails. There was this one that asked me to go and check a print on an auction site to see if it met the requirements for the associate program. Since the day had slowed down, I said to myself “Why not.”

After locating the site I searched for the print. I still have to decide if it is worth a bid but while I was there I decided to fish around for awhile on the site. Just when I had about chosen to do something else, I came across this painting that caught my interest. Yes, it had some potential, so I quickly placed a bid of $100 for the piece thinking it had a value of $500 to $600. Now I was in the race and I could feel that old urge swelling up inside me again. I was like the dog in a race and the rabbit was just in front of me and I wanted to chase it to the end.

But the story doesn't end there because I found another painting and placed my bid. This happened three times over the next hour. I began to feel like I had hit the jackpot. But I wasn't prepared for what happened next because, as I continued to race through the listings on this site, I came across a rather common piece that this person had listed that I thought may have had some interest but quickly eliminated it from possibility. But my thoughts were, if he had this what else might he have, so I ventured to his store. After about five items I found it , yes, the treasure of the day. A painting by an artist that I was familiar with and there had been very little interest shown it it. The auction ends today and I am the high bidder at about $250. I will be keeping my eye on this piece all day long because I am willing to go much higher than my present bid of $250 because the true value of this painting is $4000 to $6000. Yes I think that I can truly say that “I still have it.” Do you?

This proved again that success isn't luck but it is having the knowledge that others don't possess. If I had spent the day looking at pictures, with no knowledge of what their value was as I looked at them, my day would have been wasted. This is why I continue to push each member of the 31 club to scan auction results, ebay final sales and price guides so that as you look you will know what is worth buying. Continue to go to Antique shows and shops so that your knowledge will be current on prices and you may even have an opportunity to buy treasures there.

This is certainly a business where it it is better to be smarter than the next person.

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