Saturday, January 17, 2009

Daryle Lambert: It is time - to make money

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I have been visiting with you going on two years now and we have shared many ideas together but if you aren't in a better position to make money today than you were two years ago I have failed. This is a time when people are having a hard times getting by and it is my desire to see that we working together can make that load lighter for each of us. But to do that I need your help. Yes God has given me the knowledge necessary for others to improve their life but it is up to us together to share this information that is relevant to solving the problems we face today. I can continue to write each day what is on my mind but if that isn't helping you then what is the purpose.

Telling you how others make money is fine but that doesn't help pay your bills, so hopefully for a few day I want to write blogs that directly can effect your well being. To do that I need to hear from you and see if the program that I laid out in the “31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques and Collectibles” is working. I wrote that the purpose of the book was to help the average person make money by the knowledge that I would share with them not the amount of money they had to invest.

There is a fun thing about people that make money they all have a drive to be successful. With all the knowledge that I share with you if you truly don't have the drive to succeed then the final conclusion will always be the same, disappointment. I attempt to answer every email plus I have published my phone number so that you can have immediate contact with me. The thing I can't do is answer unsent emails or phones that don't ring. I am appealing to you that have the desire to change your life for the better to use all the tools that the 31 Club provides.

This is the start of a new year and my question is have you entered the Million Dollar Race and what step are you on or aee you still at the starting gate? The true is that for us to be successful we must have a plan and that is what I have attempted to do but I can't force you to follow it. I have found that the best things are usually the simplest and that is what the 31 plans is intended to do, give you a simple plan.

I hear everyday friends of mine say I want to make Money but when I begin discussing ways to do that they try to think of reasons why it won't work. Then I turn the table on them by asking how is your present plan working?

Over the next week I would like to review the plans that we entered into together and hopefully will have questins from you that I can answer along the way. Lets get back to the basics and make money together.

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