Saturday, January 24, 2009

Daryle Lambert: Do you ever wonder?

If you ask questions, do you receive answers to them? Well I can tell you that there isn't anything as important as the questions from our members at the 31 Club, and hopefully, we can give them answers that will help them in their efforts to make money.

It is my privilege to share with you one of the opportunities we have had to help a member. We always ask permission to use an individual’s name and comments beforehand and this applies in this case. I hope there are some lessons to be learned here. So here we go.

Hi Daryle,

Well, actually it was two mouthfuls ...

"Be careful of reproductions and false signatures with Tiffany because there are many out there.” “As with all glass, check for reproductions."

I think fakes are the single biggest stumbling block for beginners. After getting burnt a few times, we become paranoid to the point of being afraid of buying anything because we just don't know.

If I'm at a house sale or an auction, there's just no time to check with you ... even if there were, more than likely you'd have to be able to have the piece in hand to be sure.

And, really, where can a beginner go that somebody would let you hold a 10, 20, 30 thousand dollar piece of art glass (or whatever) just so you can learn? Yes, books and the Internet help to a point, but seeing a picture in a book or on a monitor is not the same as seeing it in person and being able to make the distinctions that seemed so clear in the book.

Therein lies our dilemma. It's frustrating and discouraging for those of us who have only been in this a short time. Most of us won't live long enough to amass the decades of experience you have. (You are so lucky to have had a father who got you interested in antiques at an early age ... as is your son!)

Don't misunderstand ... I love you for being willing to give of yourself so generously ... in time and expertise ... but sometimes it's so hard to relate knowing we're so far from being experts on anything.

But, I'll still read your blog every day and look up almost everything to which you make reference because I just find it so interesting, even though I'm sometimes overwhelmed by how much there is to learn. Maybe one day I'll be able to say I know more than I thought I did ... LOL.

Thanks for listening, and thanks for all you do.


Hi Barry

The only thing that I would differ on from you is holding the expensive pieces. Here is what you do.

Go to a big time antique show just to look not buy. Ask the dealers if you can see a piece but never pick it up without asking and then they will be flattered if you ask as many questions as you please.

They will be more than glad to let you handle their most expensive pieces regardless of their price and you will find that they will never tire of bragging about their items. This will prove to be of tremendous value to you. Ask them to show you why this is real and not a repro. and they will be glad to do it. Once you can see for yourself the difference between the real and fake you are home free and you will never again mistakenly buy a reproduction.

One thing that I would recommend you do when you are out and find a piece you have questions about is ask the dealer to guarantee the piece so that if you find it is a reproduction it can be returned. A lawyer once told me this, “I was at the bottom of my law class but I have proven to be one of the most successful members of my class and this is how. I never tried to remember everything that I was taught but I did remember where to find it if it was needed.” How does this apply to you? Well you know where to find it by calling or emailing your 31 Club.

I would like to use your letter in a future blog if you would permit.

God Bless


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