Thursday, January 15, 2009

Daryle Lambert: Surprises never cease

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This story will take you around the bush but I think that you will enjoy it. I love to share with you when I see items that I have never seen before and this story is about one of those items that I will never forget.

I have been on a quest to understand the bible better and this journey has taken me to some very exciting places. Not long ago I shared that I was troubled by some of the conclusions that I had come to in the bible and this friend of mine by the name of Jerry must have begun to worry about me. He would suggest this bible study and then another until I finally said that if I attended the one that he was sharing with me now, would he join me? His answer was “yes.”

So two Sundays ago, after my regular services, I attended an evening Sunday night service with Jerry. Being new in the church we had several people approach us including the pastor, welcoming us to the service. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there but as I was leaving the pastor asked where I lived and what profession I was in. After I told him I wrote a book about antiques, he seemed to be very interested and asked if he could call me. I assured him it would be welcomed and we left it there. In just a few days the phone rang and this gentleman said “ How are you? “Not wanting to act like I didn't recognize him I said “ Fantastic.” “This is the pastor and I was wondering if we could get together?” I said, “Sure, anytime that is convenient with you.” Well I met him still not knowing what he had in mind and wondering if Jerry had talked to him about what I was going through.

When he arrived it was lunch time so I invited him for lunch at a local restaurant and we spent about an hour just talking about his new church and how he had come to Chicago from Nashville to start it. I informed him that I had a meeting in about ten minutes so I needed to return home and he said “fine”. By this time my mind was racing about a mile a minute but as he let me out of the car he said “I want to show you something that I would like for you to help me sell.” Going to the back of the car he opened a gun case and my eyes couldn't believe what I was seeing. There was the most beautiful rifle that I had ever seen. He called it a border rifle. This piece had the most fantastic stock that I had ever laid my eyes on and there were four Indian beaded straps around the stock. On the butt was a metal badge and a leather cover. I had never seen anything like it and, guess what, I only had a matter of seconds to see it because my other appointment was arriving. The pastor said we would get together again and talk about how to sell the rifle but I won't sleep well until we do.

I hope you can tell how much fun and excitement I have by being in this business and sharing the experiences with all the members of the 31 Club. I just wish that more people could find the “31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques and Collectibles” and have their lives enriched like mine has been by writing it.

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