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Daryle Lambert: Porcelain to buy and sell.

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I am wrapping up this series on my four favorite ways to make money and have fun by discussing porcelain. I started my journey into the Antique and Collectible business with pieces of porcelain many years ago. I very quickly found that the best porcelain was made overseas in Great Britain and Germany.

The first items that I showed real interest in were the Royal Doulton lines of figurines, both ladies and canines from Great Britain. At one time I had over 500 Royal Doulton lady figurines in my personal collection. If you can find figurines that say “potted by” and the name of the artist, they are earlier and will bring more money. Also, if there is a small number next to the crown mark, that is important to the date. All you have to do is add that number to 27 and that is the actual year it was manufactured. Thank goodness several years ago, when I thought the market for the figurines had topped. I sold all that I owned, including my prized dog collection. In fact, a gentleman drove up from Texas and took the dog collection home with him because he was afraid that they might get damaged if they were shipped. Here is the good news for me and the bad for him. Today I could repurchase my entire collection back if they could be found for twenty cents on the dollar. You may recall my rule about selling and it is that everything I own is for sale if a person is willing to pay my price. The way I look at my possessions is that I only have them for a short time anyway and if someone is willing to pay my price I hope they enjoy them as much as I did. Now some things, like the paintings my wife Vickie likes, may cost you a dear penny.

Doulton hasn't been the only porcelain that has proven to be worthwhile for me over the years. Meissen, from Germany, is perhaps the best known porcelain in the world and their pieces from the 18th century would reduce the size of anyone’s pocket book. The chances of finding the early pieces are slim but the pieces from the 19th and 20th centuries can be found at house and garage sales, even today. There were three Meissen figurines In the inventory of the 31 Club that helped the Club make 7500% profit in only six months. By the way the 31 Club has updated its inventory and now is at the almost $14000 on its $100 investment in less than two years. Can any of our members top that? If you can, please email me your results so that I can share them with the members. Meissen is perhaps the best merchandise in the world to help you fulfill the steps in your million dollar race, because almost without exception, you can double or more your investment on pieces of Meissen.

I personally have made thousands of dollars selling the Meissen figures of both people and animals. The best buy was when I purchased a collection of twenty pieces for under $8000 and then sold each piece individually for a total of almost $30,000. You will never have to hold your Meissen very long because the are so many avid collectors around the world.

I have only mentioned a couple of porcelain companies but there are many others that can prove valuable to you. In England you have Royal Worcester and Royal Crown Derby and some others in Germany are Nymphenburg, Hutschenruether and Rosenthal.

Porcelains will be the most consistent items for you to make money with and there are enough pieces for you to find that they will make your efforts worthwhile.

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