Friday, January 9, 2009

Daryle Lambert: No, I Didn't Win !

New email

I tried my hardest but I didn't win the Clyde Keller painting on However, I consider this a blessing. Why? Always being the winner doesn’t mean that you are always right and this is what I have to take into consideration each time I go to buy an item.

Yes I missed this painting but guess what, I stayed with the rules that I established in my book “31 Steps to your Millions in Antiques and Collectibles.” If I teach you the way to be successful in the antique and fine art business but don't follow the same rules myself, what kind of teacher am I? My final bid was over $1000 and if you read my blog yesterday, I valued the painting at $4000 or more, so to keep true to my rule, I should have been willing to pay up to $1000 which I is what I bid. I can assure you that it took a lot of discipline to stop bidding but this training will pay off in the long run.

You see I still have my money and I guarantee you that I will find something to spend it on that can be purchased for 25% of the expected retail value. By staying within our rules we will never accumulate inventory that can't be sold. If we’ve purchased it at 25% of value then we will be able to sell it and we’ll be continuing on the road to success. I still am in the race for the other three pieces that I am bidding on and hopefully some will be successful.

I would like to discuss another issue with you and that is selling what I have already purchased. I have to admit that at the present time I have let it slide a little. Yes it is fun to be on the hunt for treasures but if we never sell them we are soon out of business. I haven't spent the same amount of time selling as I have buying but I hope to change that. Immediately. The forming of the 31 Club has taken a lot of my time but that shouldn't be an excuse. The more that I talk to our members the more I see them making the same mistake that I have been making and I assure you that starting now I will be using every opportunity to aggressively sell items from my inventory. If you need assistance in selling the items that you have acquired, please email me for ideas. Let’s kick this new year off in a big way together.

I have a request from a member that I would like to past on to the club.

Do you live in the Houston Texas area? If so, I invite you to join the Houston Chapter of the 31 club. The Houston Chapter has set up a Yahoo Group site(Invitation only) as the vehicle to communicate with each other. It’s free to join, no requirement but a love for Antiques and a desire to make money.
Please email and he will send you an invitation to join our group, it’s that easy.

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