Saturday, January 10, 2009

Daryle Lambert: Ti's the Season to Buy

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Everyone knows that the best time to buy is after Christmas when everything is on clearance. But how does this give us a special opportunity to make money? The same principle that applies to stores selling their inventory after a season ends can be seen in how people sell items at the end of seasons like Christmas and Easter. You will find that rather than store trees, ornaments and other decorations after Christmas, people place them in house or garage sales and often without regard to their collectibility.

So if this is true then what should we do to take advantage of this opportunity? First, I would suggest that before the season is over, you obtain the knowledge needed to distinguish between the true Christmas collectibles and the rest that carries no real value. There are many items that are used for decorations at Christmas but only a few are sought after by the collector. I have been to sales after the season and found ornaments that had been in the family for nearly 100 years but the family had gotten tired with them and decided to purchase all new ones. You can bet I was more than glad to take them off their hands. Old figurines of Santa and antique Christmas toys often end up in these after season sales so when others are saying I'm not interested in these items are losing a great opportunity. This also limits your competition of some great buys.

Toys like the Santa jumping out of a box made of wood might reach $5,000 if its condition is near mint or how about the Santa's sleigh pulled by pigs made of wood from around 1900 conservatively valued at $2,500. I am still looking for that “bicycle built for two” ornament made by Dersden around 1890. That might be the golden fleece of ornaments and if I found one, the price it would take to pry it out of my hands would be $15,000.

My first memories of Christmas were in the 50's when bubble lights were all the rage and ornaments of airplanes and spaceships were just becoming popular. Never did I think that these items might sell in the future for thousands of dollars (but they do).

This is the greatest time to attend house and garage sales because the weather often keeps your competition away and the prices asked for items are usually lower in the winter than the summer. So get out there and make yourself some money and don't let these opportunities pass you by.

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