Tuesday, September 30, 2008

When Things Look Bad, We Shop

As money gets tight in this economy, I’ve received more calls than ever from people wanting to sell their valuable items – just like I thought. But remember, as antique and art buyers, we work just like real estate investors and stock investors. When the general public is in a panic and selling things off, when things look their worst, that’s when we buy. It’s in these times when the bargains will be found. True collectors are still waiting for you to contact them with that very special piece they’ve been hoping for, and you just might have found it.

We are in the last period of our website reconstruction, and I’m getting really excited in anticipation of the results .All members can now go to the Members Only Section and create a unique ID and Password. Once you create that, you can add the items you look to buy on your Wish List. It won’t show until the end of the week, but don’t until then to create your list. You can do it now.

Keep track of your progress in the Million Dollar Race by using your Personal Inventory Page right there on the website. This is a private page and only you will be able to view it. Please email or call us and let us hear how far you’ve progresses. For those of you who haven’t been following 31 Club, the Million Dollar Race is an inter-club competition to see who can compound $100 into a million dollars first.

We are almost there, so thanks to our many charter members for supporting us during the building of the 31 Club from the ground up.

Treasure Hunters:

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  1. When things look bad, we shop. It's much better to go shopping than to reach for the cigarettes. Quitting is so hard, and dire circumstances make it even harder. Quitting gives you more money so you can shop for things you really want. And "retail therapy" has always provided a welcome relief to whatever your circumstances.
    Great site. Love you work. Thanks for providing such indepth information on your topics.