Monday, September 22, 2008

Collectible Band Instruments

This vintage Mark VI Alto Saxophone recently sold on eBay for $6,400

I have just been welcomed into the reality of life with a growing 9-year-old boy who has many interests. If you’re wondering what this has to do with the 31 Club and making money, here it is: The price and value of musical instruments.

When Joshua came home from school the other day and informed me and my wife that he was going to be in the band, my first thought was – Great! Then I went on eBay and checked prices on his chosen instrument, the Saxophone.

I could hardly believe there was a sax listed for $100,000. I knew this had to be a very special one so I continued in my search. After going through about fifty saxophones, slowly, the prices dropped to $5000 and I was beginning to feel a panic. Another hundred listings and the price was down to $2,500. At this point I thought Joshua and I might be having a very intense conversation about what kind of musical instrument he might pursue. I finally got to the very end of the listings on eBay and found some for about $300. These, I figured, must really be trash. It wasn’t until later that Cindy suggested I might rent an instrument for a while to see if this was truly what Joshua wanted to pursue before investing money in a high quality instrument. She's been through this before.

I’m sharing this all with you because Joshua’s interest has uncovered an area of collecting that I’ve never delved into. As you can guess, that might soon change.

I frequently see used instruments at House Sales and Garage Sales, so after checking the saxophone on eBay, I looked into other band instruments such as trumpets, clarinets, flutes and tubas. It was the same for all of them. Even at the local auction I attend twice a month, there are always instruments sold. I promise you, I will be doing more research into this are and writing more blogs on this subject. But, while you’re waiting for me to give you more direct information, I sugget you begin doing your own homework.

Isn't it amazing that just when you think you’ve covered most of the items that will present compounding opportunities, more ideas present themselves to you. I wrote in my book, 31 Steps to Your Millions In Antiques and Collectibles the fact that knowledge comes in layers and the more of these you build, the more likely you will be successful in the Antique, Collectible and Fine Art Business. I didn’t know I would be preaching to the chorus. You see, while I have been presenting you with the knowledge I’ve accumulated over 45 years in the business, it’s become apparent to me that I may have only skimmed the surface myself.


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