Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Antique Dolls: A Re-Discovery

26" FRENCH BEBE STEINER C, original and in perfect condition is offered for $12,500 at ARW Antiques in New Jersey.

Yesterday, after listing some of the specialty auction houses I personally use, (in our members only section) I went into a closet and pulled out all the antique trade papers I’ve been saving for over ten years. The amount of papers on my floor could fill a small room. I truly hope my wife doesn't come in while I'm writing this, because I might have some explaining to do. But, boy, what a re-education these papers have given me. 31 Club members can benefit from the fruits of my labor by checking in with our Specialty Auction list as we get this completed. How will this help you? Well, if you find a good Rookwood piece, the auction house best known for handling Rookwood will be listed and linked. If you have a great Western Painting, the best place to sell Western Art jwill be listed, and so on.

I looked through old issues of the Antique Weekly, Maine Antique Digest and Antique Trader, specifically the sections where they list special items that have brought extra high prices along with the auction houses who sold them. It was quite an experience to go back and see what things were bringing several years back. You might be surprised to learn that just about as many prices have gone down as those that have gone up. Most items that went down are the more common pieces. The rare items, such as Duck Decoys, Paintings and Art Pottery have had the prices go through the roof. And that fits right in with what I’ve been teaching all along. Trade in the rare, and you’ll reach your financial goals through the program I’ve laid out in my book, “31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques & Collectibles.”

I know many of you are in the early steps of our program and are probably dealing in some common items, but when you follow the program, very quickly, you’ll find yourself able to trade in the more rare and higher end pieces. And don’t forget to call me during this time for the free mentoring I offer all our members.

During my immersion in the trade papers, there was one category that caught my eye: Dolls. I had let the value of Dolls slip from my memory, along with some of the names of companies who made the most sought after ones. I was brought up to speed when I re-discovered this article and it inspired me to do some research because of the values I was reading about. There is real money to be made in these real darlings.

I would think that these prices are on the low side today but here is a few examples. Kestner 1880, pouty face, $3600. E.J. Bebe,1881, 17” $10,500, Gaultier Poupee 40” $26,000. Kammer and Reinhart 24”, $20,000.

The 1959 Barbie at over $18,000 to vintage dolls that can bring over &100,000 is enough to rekindle my interest and I hope yours too. One of our members that has a doll worth $2500 or more, but I haven't yet heard what she plans to do with it
I’d say that finding one of these beautiful treasures could make for a very happy day. There are dolls that command many times these figures, but this was enough to draw my attention.

If you would like to read this article and add it to your collection of resources, it appeared in the Antique Trader November 25, 1998 issue, along with a rather Comprehensive List of Doll Manufacturers and a lengthy Price List. Perhaps the best part of the article is the page of Marks.

In my future hunt for dolls, I know in my heart that God has already blessed me with the best doll in the world, even if she doesn’t like this huge mess of papers I’ve just created.

If you find a rare doll but don’t have the funds to purchase it, call me. We can use the club’s Associate Program funds to purchase the doll, and you’ll make 35% of the net sale price just for finding it. If you’re not a member, why not join today to take advantage of this club program. 35% for just finding an item we can buy! I don’t think you’ll find this offer anywhere else but at the 31 Club.


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