Monday, September 15, 2008

Antique Business: What Will Pay Off During Economic Shifts & Uncertainty

Civil War Letters written by a Confederate Soldier, a Lot of 147, sold at 31 Club Gallery & Marketplace in September, 2008.

How does your bank account look today? If there’s money in your Antique & Fine Art Business Account, this is the time to be very patient with your buying. The economic winds are shifting and time is needed to see where these winds are headed. Wisely use the things you’ve learned, continue to learn through the 31 Club, and do not be too venturesome in your buying right now. Time is needed to see where these winds are headed.

The Economic Shift May Leave Only One "Out" For Many People.

I foresee a tremendous amount of merchandise coming to the market in the short term, as people find their portfolios decreasing in value while their expenses escalate. This may leave only one option open for many people -- selling off the items of value they have treasured.

A Likely Flood of New Treasures.

A flikely flood of merchandise coming to market can cause the value of many things to suffer a temporary dip. You don’t want to get caught with items you can’t sell. Be willing to really do extra research before you buy during these periods of economic uncertainty. Your knowledge will lead you to items that will sell under any economic condition.

So what sells well during times of economic shifts?

The rare and the unusual will always be sought after regardless of economic conditions. But don’t kid yourself -- the collectors of the rare and unusual are savvy. After all, while the rest of the nation might be experiencing tough times, they aren’t. They must know a thing or two, wouldn’t you say? In this economic shift, their investment savvy will tell them to take more time to search out the real treasures and purchase at a good price.

Restrict Your Buying to Keep Your Money Moving.

Now is the time to restrict your buying to items that are still trading on a regular basis today. During this time, the best buys you will ever make will be found in the short term. Buy it right, sell it quickly, keep your money moving.

A Real Example from 31 Club Sales.

The Civil War Letters that were just sold by the 31 Club sold very quickly. Why? Let’s begin by examining their value.

The information I was able to uncover through research showed me the largest lot of letters written by a Civil War soldier,sold publicly, was a little over 40 letters, written by a Union Soldier. The lot 31 Club sold was a lot of 147 letters written by a Confederate Soldier and are considered more rare and desirable than that of a Union Soldier.

The content of this Confederate Soldier’s letters contained much information about were he was during certain battles and mentioned the time when General Lee had to recruit “Negro soldiers” to fight for the South due to his dwindling troops. From the tone of this particular letter, one gleans that this event didn't make the soldier very happy. This kind of historical and at-the-scene information is what you’re looking for in material from the war. I seriously believe that within a year or two, a book about these letters will find its way to the market.

I’m sure you now realize why this first hand historical information from a Confederate Soldier’s perspective has great value, regardless of what the economy is doing. This is the reason why they sold so quickly. It isn't like a painting painted by a fairly good artist that a prospective buyer might consider waiting a bit for because the price might come down. The buyer of the Civil War letters knew there was one chance to buy. If they waited, someone else would own them.

So, What Should We Search For?

If you spend your money buying more common items you are unable to quickly turn, where will your funds come from when something rare comes your way? Be patient in your buying right now, and strike while the iron is hot.

Make a serious effort to search out the more rare and unusual that can be quickly sold. No, we may not be buying as much as we could buy at times when people are upbeat nor when selling something doesn’t take as much time, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is the quality and rarity of what you purchase.

Remember the Purpose of Working the 31 Club’s Model Before You Buy.

Compounding Your Money!!!

If you can compound 31 times, all your financial desires will be beyond met. If you can even compound 15 times, I’m willing to guess your financial desires might still be met. If you’re buying items you can’t quickly turn, you eliminate the compounding factor and minimize your opportunity to progress and meet your financial and lifelong goals. Patience, perseverance, research, and smart buying will work in your favor in any economic climate. Take an offensive position against the shifting economic winds.

What To Do When You Find a Rare Item You Can't Afford to Purchase Right Now

Contact me at 31 Club. Club Members can take advantage of the 31 Club Associates Program when they come across rare or unusual items but don't have the money in their buying budget. We buy it, sell it, and the member makes 35% of the net sale. Questions? Ask me at or call me at 847-784-8544.

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