Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sharing 31 Club with Others

Maxfield Parrish "Stars" 1926

Yesterday, when I saw the morning stock market flying high and lots of e-mails coming in, I thought the day started out to be just beautiful. But the best of the day came when I got an e-mail asking if I could help with pricing an item. The young lady stated she was afraid of being ripped off, and she had no idea what the value of a print she had was. I asked her to call me so we could talk further. She did.

This young lady, Julie, is a student at a college in California. She found us on the Internet. I don’t believe in coincidences, so I figured there was a special purpose for her inquiry, and hopefully, I could help. Her first words to me were, “I bought this print and it had an original sticker on the back.” I told her that was a good start, but did she know who made the print? “Yes, it’s Maxfield Parrish, and the name of the print is “Stars.”

I immediately pulled out my Maxfield Parrish book by Coy Ludwig and discovered this print was a pretty fair find. I was able to tell her that there were three sizes: Small – 6x10, medium 10x18 and large 18x30. The large one is the most rare.

I could tell she was eager to know what is was worth, so I didn’t wait long before letting her know the larger one was worth from $1800-$2500. Unfortunately, she has the medium one, which will bring in about $700-$900.

I couldn’t resist asking her why she’s looking to sell it. “I have to sell it to buy my books this semester,” she told me. My heart stopped because I could tell she was very attached to the print.

I advised her not to be upset about selling this piece and to definitely buy her books and complete college. I told her that after graduation, she’ll be able to buy as many of these as she wanted. I didn’t want our conversation to end there, and as we talked, I learned that she had an interest and Antiques and Fine Art. She also told me she had some spare time away from her studies. I introduced her to the principles of the 31 Club, and she seemed to easily grasp the concept, so I invited her to join us. I assured her that being involved with the 31 Club could help with her school expenses. I feel certain we will soon have a new member from California.

I encourage all of you who are members to never miss the chance to share what the 31 Club is all about with others. You might just end up being somebody’s angel when one is needed.


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