Saturday, September 13, 2008

Acting Today on Yesterday's Memories

Like most other people, I have memories etched into my mind over a number of years. Yes, we will forget 90% of the things that happen from year to year, but there are certain events that will never be removed from our memories, even though the emotional affects of it may subside.

I am sitting at this computer after 12:00 midnight on Friday night with tears in my eyes because, as the sun rises Saturday morning, there are many people whose entire lives will be changed once Hurricane Ike passes over Texas. I pray that not many lives will be lost but, I am fearful there will be. Electricity will be out, homes and schools will be destroyed, hospitals will be vacant of patients or working on limited back up power. The face of the communities that have been an anchor to many will be washed away along with their jobs. I could make an entire list of the after affects, but I won’t right now.

What is most on my mind is the friends I’ve made through the 31 Club who are in the path of Ike, and how their lives might change. I ask that you take some time out and pray for William R., Coral B., Linda B., Pricilla C., Lou Ann P and the many others of our Club from that area I may have left out. Remember, we started out to create a community, and here is a chance to act in the spirit of community on behalf of our members in Texas.

When I speak of memories that are etched in our minds forever, aside from personal memories, my mind often goes to historical events.

My dad went to World War II when I was first born. This has always makes me feel safe and proud, because he didn't go just to protect me, but to protect all Americans and their freedom. I’m sure my mother prayed for him every night. You see, our country use to be proud of our servicemen. I ask you to pray for our servicemen tonight.

The event most vivid in my memory after that came many years later when our President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. I was still working my way through college, selling Volkswagens in Owensboro, Kentucky at the time. When someone entered the dealership and said the President had been shot, I thought they were kidding. But I could soon tell by the expression on their face, this was the truth.

I felt as if time stood still in those early moments. This made me rethink what was important to me. You see, even though I was a Republican, my President had just been shot. I was sad, angry, mournful and shocked to my core. I wonder today how many people would say, "He was my President," if God forbid, George Bush got shot. How far this country has strayed. I ask you to pray for our leaders today.

Cindy has told me that she was appalled to witness the treatment our soldiers received upon returning home from Vietnam. Whether you agreed with the war or not shouldn’t have been at issue, she said to me once. The fact was, these young men put their life on the line in service to our country -- all of us-- and should have been welcomed home as heros regardless of the war’s outcome. Instead they were reviled. Please pray for the safety of our troops worldwide whether or not you agree with the mission.

The attempt on Ronald Reagan's life shook me to the core, but thankfully he survived and continued his term in office. I will let you judge his success.

I was hardly prepared for the events of 9/11. Killing civilian men, women and children with no remorse is beyond my capacity to understand. I have been taught to pray for my enemies, but this one is a tough task for me. But, the more I understand, the more I realize this is what is needed for God to do his work. So, please pray for those who wish to harm us.

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