Sunday, September 7, 2008

Lenox – Don’t Let the Name Fool You

by Daryle Lambert

Until I was at a great auction and saw a piece of Lenox cross the block for over a $1000, I had turned up my nose at the name Lenox. I thought any piece by this company could be had for under $25. But no more. The way I figure it, if these were my thoughts, then other dealers probably think the same thing. This gives us the opportunity to find those rare and expensive Lenox pieces at very low prices.

One of the pieces most sought after are the Lenox steins. These may go for top dollars if they have the early marks. Many other items will bring a couple of hundred dollars or more such as lamp bases, pitchers, plates, Toby jugs and vases. In fact, I was stunned to find out that as few as ten plate could bring over $600.

Lenox produced porcelain similar to Belleek, made in Ireland. This is a very well made china that is still being made today. Most china, with the exception of Meissen, and a few others fall in the category of garage sale items, and I had always considered Lenox in that class until I did a little research.

If you see the name Ceramic Arts Company anywhere, know that this company was founded by Walter Scott Lenox in 1889 along with his partner Jonathan Coxon. When Lenox and Coxon dismantled their partnership, Walter Scott Lenox started a new company – Lenox. Being in this club has shown me that I don’t know it all. Just one small example of this knowledge gained recently -- I never associated Ceramic Art Company with Lenox. Duh!

The Lenox marks have changed over the years, and the earlier wares command the higher prices. This is no different than Belleek, who have changed not only their mark, but the color of them. Their first Lenox mark was black, while the more current production is green or gold. Some of the marks on Lenox are : The Ceramic Art Company, a reef with the L in its middle, Oxford Bone China, a painters board with the Lin a circle and just LENOX. There was also an American Lenox produced, known as Lenox Belleek that was patterned after the Irish Belleek and will be marked Lenox Belleek.

Most families would be very proud to set their table with Lenox China,but we’re looking for the more rare pieces. No, I don't think Lenox will be in your sights when you get to the upper levels of your 31 Steps, but as you begin the 31 Club's program to build up your personal cash reserves, these items can certainly pad your pockets and fund costlier buys.

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  1. whoa, i never would have thought that lenox could cost so much! i guess it pays to know where to get it cheaper.