Tuesday, June 24, 2008

31 Club Member Scores Another Fine Art Painting

Merriman signed, Tressemanes & Vogt 13 inch vase dating from 1892 to 1907 was acquired by 31 Club Member, Vicki.

Just a few weeks ago, William, a new 31 Club Member, made the statement to me that he didn’t know anything about Antiques or Fine Art. Today, he’s purchased several paintings at great prices and the 31 Club is his partner on two paintings he located in Houston. William has taken me at my word. I’ve said I’d mentor. I’ve said my readers can call me. And, William calls me while he’s out in the field. I can safely say, William hasn’t bought a single piece without first checking with me. I can also safely say that there’s no other place you can receive this kind of help. We offer this help to all 31 Club members.

William’s call to us yesterday resulted in the purchase of his latest find, and he decided to take us up on our offer to partner up through our Associates Program for this new piece. You see, he called me when he found a painting he thought had possibilities. (As he always does.) It was priced at $400. I asked him some questions about the piece and then did a little research on it. Turns out, the artist was from Chicago. Wow!

“We’re interested,” I told William, “But, let’s try to bargain for it.” I was soon giving the lady my credit card number and purchased the painting for $240. Bingo. I have no doubt that here in Chicago, this painting is worth more than double that price.

These stories can be your stories. When more of you get out into the field and take advantage of what I’ve offered you, you’ll turbo charge your life in this business. So, let me hear from you.

Vicki, one of our very first members, also called me yesterday, and what a pleasure it was. She found one of the most unusual vases I’ve come across lately. This Tressemanes & Vogt 13” tall double handled vase with a black and white nautical scene, signed “Merriman,” is a name I am familiar with. I’ll have to do my home work on this piece. I believe it could be very special.

She showed me a painting she bought by signed, “Beaman.” I knew instantly this was a winner. After some research, I was sure of it and am certain the painting will give her about 300% return on her investment. Not bad.

Vicki, like William, is out there looking, and that’s why they’ll have success in this business. The 31 Club can help you in every other way, but we can't do the looking for you. When you find something, give us a call, and we’ll help you from there.

Members are sending me auction flyers to take a look at almost every day, and it makes me so jealous that I’m not able to attend some of these great sales. When members send me this kind of information, I tell them the pieces that I’d be interested in if I were attending. From that point, it’s up to them to evaluate each piece, making certain there isn’t damage that I can’t see in the photographs.

I’m working very hard on acquiring a collection of wonderful items, and I’m hoping to be able to report their purchase to you very soon. We’ve added some fantastic Native American articles to our inventory recently, and they will soon be appearing in our gallery. We will be posting a Historical Document signed by Patrick Henry, as soon as Cecil gets me the description. Man, this place is jumping lately, and I am looking forward to all our members participating in what could be the most remarkable journey of our lives.

Jeremy’s gotten me very excited about how some of our new website projects will be working and has promised to update the 31 Club’s Spreadsheet, so you can see what progress we’ve made in our own Race to a Million Dollars. Remember, we’re working this plan right along with you, and we started our account with only $100, just like everyone else. The updated spreadsheet will be available on our Members Only site.
This summer should prove fruitful for the Antique, Fine Art, and Collectible Industry. If you haven’t left the gate yet, what’s keeping you?

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