Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Expanding 31 Club

The 31 Club is just beginning to come to life. I hope you have noticed that the Marketplace is quickly filling up with quality items. And there will always be room for our members listings. Your staff has come to the final conclusion that it's time to start enhancing the Members Only section, and these new and exciting improvements will be starting this week. For all of you who are reading the daily blog and wondering if it's time to join the 31 Club, I'll say, "Yes it is". We plan on there being no other place on the Internet but right here where you can get the information you need and have opportunities to make money in this business.

Our goal is to make sure that our members are not only making money, but also having fun.

Jeremy has almost completed the internal items that needed to be addressed so the 31 Club could become all that we have envisioned. Cindy is busy getting our message out so that all who have an interested in Antiques, Collectibles and Fine Art will know about us. Our Internet rankings are way up and we've surpassed some bedrock names in the industry.

When we started planning this venture, I knew one day I would include experts in every field within our industry. One area that I am not comfortable with is Asian Antiques and Art. I've taken care of that by finding an expert in Asian Antiques to advise me and our members. I hope to be able to make an official announcement next week. I am very excited about this because now we can acquire knowledge about this vast area and we won't have to pass up those items that could prove to be real treasures for us.

Cindy reported to me that many of our members are taking advantage of Skip McGrath's eBay expertise. Skip has spent many years in the antique business himself, and is one of our biggest supporters. If you're planning on working the strategic plan for capital accumulation buying and selling antiques, fine art, and collectibles, you'll likely be using eBay. Even though I've disagreed with them many times, eBay is always going to be a large factor in our successes. Why not learn to use eBay by the most enlightened person we know? We highly recommend you get hold of some of his eBay materials and let him guide you through all the confusion of it. Skip makes it easy! Check out Skip McGrathhere.

On our Members only site, you'll have access to a list of specialty auction houses so you will know where to send your better pieces to be auctioned. This was suggested to us by one of our members, and he even helped us assemble the list! I'm telling you, this is turning into one great club! I can tell you that this list will soon be posted in our members only section.

The Wish List will be completed within the next week, and its use will be limited to members. The public will be able to view your entries to purchase and contact. Each member will be receiving thousands of dollars worth of free advertising from their wish lists, and this alone could assure your success.

Please give us your comments on the changes that you are seeing on the website and anything that needs to be added or corrected. And if you have suggestions you'd like us to hear, drop us a line or a call!

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