Friday, June 27, 2008

31 Club Helps Members Trade in Higher End Antiques, Collectibles & Fine Art

A Member of the 31 Club Located this Historical Document Signed by Patrick Henry, and it was then purchased through the 31 Club Associates Program.

When we started the 31 Club, we aimed at formulating a plan that would help people walk the success steps of life. The ideas that have come from meetings with Cindy, Chris, Clarke and Jeremy have spoken about many have proven worthy of our efforts, but one program that your 31 Club has started is beginning to stand out above some of the others. That is the Associates Program.

The Associates Program gives members the opportunity to participate in a transaction when they find and present an outstanding item to the 31 Club for purchase. If we are able to buy the piece, the member will receive 35% of the net profit of the transaction.

We now have Associates in Texas, Kentucky, Michigan and Illinois. I feel certain that in the coming months, we will have a 31 Club Associate in every state. Through this program, you will have the opportunity to advance in your Race to the Millions faster than it might be possible to advance by yourself.

If you don't fully understand the program and would like a more complete explanation, e-mail me at and put “Associates Program” in the subject line.

We have transactions in the final stages on items we’ve purchased when 31 Club Members found a great item, didn’t have the funds to purchase it, but called us to buy it using the Associates Program. When these transactions are completed, members will be putting thousands of dollars in their pockets, while at the same time, they are receiving the best education possible in the Antiques, Collectible and Fine Art field.

Already in partnership with members of the 31 Club, we’ve purchased a valuable historical document signed by Patrick Henry, a painting by Walter Darby Bannard worth thousands of dollars, Rookwood and Muncie lamps, and several other paintings that will soon be appearing in our Gallery & Marketplace.

We are waiting for each one of our members to take advantage of perhaps the greatest benefit you’ll receive for becoming a member of the 31 Club.

Something interesting and humorous happened yesterday when I received an e-mail from one of my favorite people and one of our earliest members. She told me about an Estate Sale where a Rookwood Lamp and a Muncie Lamp were being offered. She thought they were priced a little high, so she asked what would be a good price to offer them the next day when the price would be reduced. I immediately sent her back an e-mail to call me because I thought we could have a good laugh together. She got right back to me, and I had to tell her that I had already purchased the two lamps the day before.

Here’s what happened: I got a call the day before from another lady who was interested in the sale, and she told me about these wonderful lamps. She was interested in purchasing these using the Associates Program. So, I called the person conducting the sale to see if we could buy them. I was told it wasn’t possible, but if I called the next day after 12:00 noon and they hadn’t been sold, I could have them. I called and they were available.

Naturally, I bargained a little before completing the sale. I’m sure the same thing could happen in the future where two people see the same sales ad and call me. So, if there’s something you think might be interesting to us to buy through the Associates Program, the sooner we are notified, the better. And remember, the Associates Program is for Members Only. So, it you’re still hanging out and just following the blog, it’s time to get off the fence and join us today.

This story brings back that old saying: The Early Bird Gets The Worm.

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