Sunday, June 15, 2008

Special Father's Day Sporting Collectibles

Today, I'm attending the Nascar Race in Brooklyn, Michigan. This is my Father’s Day surprise from my wife, Vickie, and my son, Joshua. I hope each of you will have a wonderful Father’s Day and not forget the Father of us all on this day.

I want to connect this Blog to things that bring back memories of our fathers. Since I knew mine best, I will share a few things that remind me of him.

He was on the Kentucky racing commission, and I remember the lapel pin that he was given. It allowed him to enter any race track in the world free. He was so proud of this pin. I would give almost anything for it, but one of my siblings ended up with it. They called my father, “Big Stan” and aside from his family, he loved nothing more than the racing of thoroughbred horses. This is where I got my interest in the Kentucky Derby glasses and other racing memorabilia. Big Brown didn’t win the Triple Crown this year, but you can bet that items belonging to him will become great collectibles. There are unlimited items to collect that are connected to racing, and as I have put together a small collection of racing programs, glasses, silks and other items, it has allowed me to keep my father close to me.

His next passion was gol,f and I have written a Blog on golf collectibles before, but let’s just revisit them. With Tiger Woods being the greatest golfer that’s ever lived, this has reawakend the interest in collecting golf memorabilia. I visited the home of one of our 31 Club Members, Ray, and on his wall was a large frame that contained one of the flags from the Augusta Golf course. This is where the US Open is played. The flag was signed by all the All-Stars of that day. To complete this great piece, there were several photos signed by the golfers who played in that tournament. Golf collectors have a wide variety of items to collect. There are ball, clubs, signatures, bags, shoes, photos and many other things that I could mention. Maybe your dad was a golfer, and these things would bring back memories of when you played a few rounds with him.

As a small child I remember my father taking me hunting and how I begged to shoot his shotgun. Finally giving in, he picked a milk apple, a large green round ball that grows on this type of tree, as my target. I aimed the gun but was afraid of the recoil so I kept it off my shoulder. I fired the gun and ended upon my backside and received a large bruise on my arm. I will never remember that moment without thinking of my dad. I can still see the 16 gauge Ithaca pump shot gun he owned. It meant so much to me to go hunting with it after his death. People can collect guns, shells, advertising, paintings and a variety of other items related to hunting, and you will find they are more than generous with their money when it comes to buying them.

I am sure that your fathers had things that would mean more to you than money could buy, and this is how collectibles get started. As we go about our business of buying and selling, don’t forget that these things have special meaning to the ones that buy them from us. They will be glad you located a special item for them.

In the future, I’m hoping that when Joshua sees the racing program from the race we’re at this weekend, he’ll feel the special feeling that can only be felt when you are remembering.

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