Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Gold, Silver, Copper and Bronze

Art Metals continue to bring in good prices. Learn more about Roycroft, Jarvie, Heintz and other 20th Century valuable art pieces.

Alert! Alert! Gold and Silver are falling.

Even the weight of a bad stock market can’t keep the value of these industrial metals up. In the best environment these metals could have, they are hanging on by their teeth. Sell, Sell, Sell, and then check back with me in six months. I think you will want to buy me dinner.

This is the third time I have put out the alert To sell gold and silver, and because of the time lag from the first call to sell, I believe this decline will even be steeper than I originally imagined. Trade your gold and silver for wonderful and fantastic items produce from the common metals. I personally believe this is where the money is to be made in the short run.

Even though I am very negative on gold and silver, I think differently about choice antique & collectible pieces made from copper and bronze. If you have followed the metal markets, all the touters are pushing investments in gold and silver very heavily. This is usually a signal that a top has been reached in the market for those commodities. This can't be said for copper and bronze however.

Fine art pieces from the Art and Crafts movement will continue to bring high prices for items produced by such companies as Roycroft, Jarvie, Heintz, Gustav Stickley and Dirk Van Erp.

The real Arts and Crafts look will be hammered, and this hammering will be wonderfully crafted. Most of these copper pieces were meant to be displayed with furniture of that style and era, namely Stickley, Limbeth and others.

When you become familiar with their marks and learn about items from these companies, you’ll be paid handsomely in the future. Right now, the 31 Club is discussing the possibility of buying a large collection of Roycroft through our Associates Program. I have my fingers crossed on this one. What a great buy this will be for both the club and the member who called for our help.

Bronze has been used for producing figures, jewelery, sculptures and different types of lamps from almost the beginning of civilized man. It is easily worked and develops a wonderful patina over time. Items made from these metals bring huge prices in today’s markets. Rare bronze sculptures can easily bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars with ease, but the more common pieces you’ll find can fetch from $5,000 to $25,000. Considering most dealers can't tell the originals from the reproductions, they pass on all of them. This knowledge served one dealer I have previously written about when he purchased a Jarvie Candelabra for about $80 and sold it for around $7,000 or $8,000 if my memory serves me correctly. You will clean up big time if you have the knowledge in this area.

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