Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Exposure Sells Your High Quality Antiques - Even in This Economy

Dimitar Manev, "Woman & Goat", is a new listing at 31 Club's Gallery & Marketplace. Manev, well known and exhibited in Europe, will be represented in America by 31 Inc.

Exposure of Your Antique Items is Key to Getting it Sold

We’ve talked about buying antiques and fine art, and I’ve shared with you the importance of buying right in my book, as well as in the Blog. But once you’ve made your purchases, your items must be exposed to the potential buyer. Exposure will be the key to getting your item sold.

We’ve been busy building up the 31 Gallery & Marketplace for this very purpose. The adjustments Jeremy has been making to our website should make each item searchable on a search engine and greatly increase the exposure of your item. Over the past year, our website ranking has steadily increased, and today our site has an excellent ranking.

So, while many of you have written, called and shared your latest purchases, now’s the time to get busy selling so you can keep your money churning. Become familiar with the 31 Gallery & Marketplace. We hope to see your items listed here. The more items we list, the greater viewership we will have. I believe that there will be no better place to sell your true treasures than on your own club website, and the amount of money saved will allow you to complete your “Million Dollar Race” even that much faster.

Picasso, Chagall, Dubord, and Vickery may be a few listed artists you’ve become familiar with in your search, and yesterday I stated that the 31 Club was in negotiation to purchase a collection. Well, the negotiations are over and your Club is now in the possession of either lithographs or originals by these artists. Although some are lithographs, they are still much in demand, because each is signed by the artist. One of the greatest things about each piece is that they are professionally framed and ready to hang in the most discriminating home. Throw in a few pieces of Lalique and a slag lamp with this sale, and I say we had one whale of a day! You will see these items listed on the market place as soon as I can find the time to list them.

I’m not the only one in the buying mood based upon the e-mails and calls I’m getting. Keep up the great work and keep e-mailing us. Keep up the great work and keep your emails coming.

Yesterday, a member asked me when I buy. My answer was, “Whenever the opportunity presents itself.” I have no special buying time. It might be tomorrow or not for a few weeks, but when it does come, don’t be bashful. Yesterday was our time to buy. When you consistently hand out business cards and speak to people everyday about your business, you’ll soon start getting calls, in every season of the year.

Antiques, Fine Art & The Economy

I’ve been very pleased on how fast our members are being able to distinguish the better pieces from the common ones. I hope you’re spending your time becoming increasingly more familiar with the items that meet your personal preferences, keeping your eye on the trend and taking notice of what others are buying. And they are buying, regardless of how bleakly the evening news paints the picture of the U.S. economy.

There is more money pouring into this country than ever in our history. With the dollar so undervalued, America is the best place in the world right now to make investments; particularly in rare and valuable tangible items given the volatility of the stock markets.

Now that we’re in an economic slowdown here in the U.S., other countries are prospering like never before. They’ve got more money to burn than they know what to do with, and they’re looking to buy here for pennies on the dollar. They’re very interested in the rare and valuable antique and fine art items we’re dealing in and are gobbling them up. Yes, indeed! Ours is an international business, and people from other parts of the world know it’s “Betty’s Bargain Basement” in America right now. And they’re coming here with empty suitcases in hand. Let’s plan to have what they’re looking for on hand.

Let’s not forget that there’s more wealthy people in our country than ever before, as well. And they’re still buying. My friend, Murray out in California, just told me about an extraordinary day his wife had selling china at a department store in Beverly Hills.

A lady walked in stating she’d like to purchase a set of China. Murray’s wife assisted her and at the end of the day, this woman’s grand total was $125,000. Who says people don’t have money for discretionary spending? Just think, if we could have shown her a set of Antique Meissen, we could’ve made a wonderful sale, and the customer could have owned something of great value, now and most likely, in the future.

So, don’t let the ten o’clock news upset you too much. Your time to shine will come soon enough when you make the necessary steps through the 31 Club Plan.
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