Monday, July 12, 2010

Spiderman – Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Blog – He cast his web

Home at last and ready to get back at making the Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Club the best in the country. I have missed all of your emails and calls but I will be back in the saddle again today but with a very sore back. It is the doctor and x-rays for me tomorrow.

Perhaps what I missed most was my dog Katie and we got her back last night. Tom, a member of our club kept her, and I believe if we hadn't returned she would have found a new home with Tom’s family. When Katie returned she was all groomed and spent her time between Tom and our family. Tom had taken loads of video of Katie playing with his dogs and what fun she had.

But now how does all this apply to Spiderman and us making money? While we were talking to Tom about how things were going with his business, the conversation turned to Lego Blocks and to my surprise he is an expert on Legos. He sells them by the pound and has hundreds of pounds of these little plastic cubes. But it was during this conversation that things got interesting for me. Tom told a story of having traded some Legos for another item.

It seems a man called Tom about buying a quantity of blocks for his son but didn't want to pay the $800. Tom told him that for his small son the number of pieces he was inquiring about was far too many. Being convinced, the gentleman agreed to purchase a lesser amount but still wanted to talk about price. Tom asked if he had anything to trade and the gentleman said he had a large full size figurine of Spiderman that he had gotten from Blockbusters. This caught Tom's ear and the trade was made. I have written that there is always a way to skin the cat if you look hard enough and a trade is often the way. I hope that I didn't just offend cat lovers.

Searching to find the value of this figurine Tom found where the last one sold for $1500. Do I have to say more. The figurine is 18 years old and numbered, meaning there were only a few made. I wonder how many of those got thrown away?

Thinking on your feet will pay off for you in a big way and you should never walk away from a buy or sell until the deal is truly dead. If you have Legos, Tom is your guy and he can be found in the wanted section of the classifieds.

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