Thursday, July 15, 2010

Doulton Lambeth Honey Bear – Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Blog – How I wish

I find it very seldom that I see something that I would really like to add to my collection but it happened today. After you have owned so many different items they all seem to look alike so it is rare to see something that really stands out to you. The reason I have to be careful in buying for myself and not retail is because my wife Vickie says that if I bring something home something has to leave.

One of my greatest pleasures doing this job is seeing what the members come up with and today Vicki [ not my wife ] really found a prize. I have owned many of the George Tinworth figures including mice and frogs but never a bear. I believe he made bears and perhaps Vicki's piece is by him. The figure of a bear with a honey pot between his legs would make a wonderful addition to my collection but I believe it will be to her advantage to take it to the market. There are two of his mice figures listed on eBay at the present time for $7000 or more.

The Doulton Lambeth Honey Bear has a pot with a sterling rim that is hallmarked and contains a silver spoon. I have never seen this piece so you know my rule, it must be fairly rare. Knowing what Vicki paid for the bear I am assured that she will be extremely satisfied with its selling price.

At the same time Vicki emailed me pictures of the bear she also shared a R. Lalique box that she had picked up. It is heavily carved and made of malachite, which has a beautiful green color that makes it look very regal. With these two purchases, I believe it is safe to say that Vicki is off to a fast start this month and it may be difficult for others of us to keep up with her.

The thing that I really like about Doulton Lambeth is that so much of it was from the 1800's. This was when the true artists were working in stoneware and you can't help but love the workmanship. Besides the bear, I would also love to have an owl Lambeth piece, so If you see one please contact me.

Tomorrow I will be telling you about the best Sugar Desk that I have ever seen along with its history.

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