Friday, July 9, 2010

Meissen – Daryle Lambert’s Antiques and Collectibles Blog – The value is there

I was talking to my friend, Farrad, who is a specialist on Meissen and he was telling me it is time to buy Meissen. It seems that interest has turned from Meissen, the best porcelain ever produced. I remember when just the name meant big dollars, but now I see multiple figure figurines selling for 25 % of what they would have only a few years ago.

Over the years, I have sold many thousands of dollars in Meissen figurines and other pieces of their porcelain wares and I could buy them back today for less then 50 % of what their selling price was. Our rule is to always buy the best of the best and Meissen fits that rule. If you buy a Meissen book, you will find all the Meissen marks and it will make you aware of the other marks besides the cross swords. A piece of Meissen with a later date may bring $250 while an earlier marked piece might fetch $5000. I personally use The Book of Meissen by Robert E. Rontgen.

The beautiful thing about Meissen is that often you can far exceed the doubling of your money when selling it. This will accelerate your progress in your race to the million. Most dealers can only recognize the blue cross swords on Meissen, so they throw all Meissen pieces in the same price range and that can be a real mistake.

John, a member, emailed me that he spotted a nice piece of Meissen at a shop where he is working and I can’t wait to get back to Chicago to see it. Here is something that can help you in your buying. Meissen doesn’t drop in price as far as most antiques with damage and professional repairs are usually acceptable, especially on older pieces. Because it is the best of the best, however, it is often faked. My suggestion is for you to look at every piece of Meissen you come across and soon the reproductions will be very apparent to you.

I have stated that our classifieds can be a great asset for you and here is why. Let's take Meissen for an example. Over the years I have acquired several Meissen customers and if you list Meissen, there is a great chance that those customers of mine will be willing to purchase your pieces. This is how we will be working together.

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