Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Classifieds Work - Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Blog – Gold coin earrings sell

I don't get a list of what sells on the classifieds so the only way I can tell if they are working is by the sales I make. Happily, I can report that the gold coin earrings that I listed for $1000 have found a new home and I have other inquiries on items that I hope to report to you on soon. This is the backbone of the Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectibles Club because without sales we aren't really in business. I also know that members have been contacted about items that they have listed in the wanted section.

It seems that most members are having few problems getting items listed but even I have, on occasion, run into something that didn't go just right on a listing. When there is a problem, be sure to contact Ondre or myself as soon as possible because if your items aren't getting viewed they won't be sold. I am always available to answer your questions by phone at 847-784-8544.

The inquires that I am receiving mostly ask if their items qualify for listing in the classifieds and my answer is that it is strictly up to you. I would recommend that first an item should be collectible and second, its sale price should be over $20. The price has to make it a good trade for you but you do have to take into consideration that there is a cost of $1 for each item.

Those of you who have been purchasing credits are receiving bonus credits now and we will continue to do this until the classifieds have reached a certain level and then the bonuses will be discontinued. Remember your credits last until they are used.
Renewing your ads is very simple, when the email arrives telling you that there is only 7 days left on your ad, you can click on the bottom of the email and it will send you to the renewal section where your ID and Password are asked for and then you simply click "renew".

For readers of this blog here is something that you should keep in mind. You have heard me say that very often I sell items to other dealers and still make the profit that I am looking for, so you may want to check the wanted ads in our classifieds and if a dealer is posting to purchase what you have, give him a call or email. We are all about turning our money so if another dealer can purchase from us and still make his profit it is just that much better. if you haven't posted your free wanted listings you should do that immediately.

Besides the blogs, my most important duties for the Club are going to be monitoring the classifieds to ensure that they are getting the exposure on the web that they deserve and working with members to see that their items get sold. So any questions that I receive will be quickly responded to and any suggestions to improve the classifieds will be appreciated.

It has already worked for me and now is the time to let it work for you.

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