Thursday, August 14, 2008

Trailblazing The Path To Success in the Antique and Fine Art Market: 31 Club Wish List & Associate Program

Your 31 Club is trailblazing a path for people in this industry, and its tremendous growth will make it a better opportunity for our members.

31 Club is building the one place to go to if you are looking for high quality antiques, the one place to go to let people know you are ready, willing and able to buy, the one place to sell, the one place to go to get free mentoring on dealing in Antiques and Fine Art, and the one place to consign your rare and high quality antiques and art. While anyone can consign their rare and high quality items to 31 Club Gallery & Marketplace, our already low commissions are even lower when you’re a member. With our membership offer ridiculously reasonable right now, it makes good sense to join now rather than later.

Just think, we at 31 Club, are really starting to turn this market around. Last year, I can still remember when all I could read was negative articles about this business or listen as dealers complained about the business, while still doing it the old fashion way. We published several articles to the contrary and challenged this negativity through our blogs. Now I hear dealers excited about the market, and even the trade papers are beginning to think that the Antique and Fine Art business is here to stay. Considering that new records are being set in almost all areas of our business on a daily basis, they should. 31 Club was first to recognize that the best in this business is still ahead of us. As our members complete the steps in our individual Million Dollar Race, the rest of the crowd will find us hard to catch up to.

So why am I writing about all of this today?

You’ll remember that the Associates Program is already working for many members. Using the program allows the member to partner with us, with no investment of their own, to purchase the best items they find and then receive 35% of the net profit when the club sells the item.

Well, today, our long awaited 31 Club Wish List is ready to be activated. These Wish Lists will work as free advertising for Members when thousands of people see their ad as it goes out over Yahoo and Google. Each time a person visits our website, they’ll be exposed to our members’ Wish List. Can you imagine the response you could get?

The combination of these two programs, Wish List & Associates Program has the greatest potential to increase the likelihood our members will succeed in a big way in the Antique and Fine Art Business.

Members should watch their e-mail for instructions on how to use the Wish List.

If you aren’t a member of 31 Club yet, go to our website and join us today!
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LINK: 31 Club Article July, 2007

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