Sunday, August 3, 2008

31 Corp – Daryle Lambert- There's Still Hope

Yeah! My faith has be renewed today. There may be some good art for future generations after all. I attended the outdoor art festival at the Glen in Glenview Illinois yesterday. Believe it or not, I saw some great work. Most of the booths still left lots to be desired for future collectors but out of the many showing, I was able to pick out a few that will survive the test of time. I would recommend that you add their names to your list to search for because I think true collectors may want to have work by these artists in their collections.

I was beginning to get that empty feeling in my stomach as I passed perhaps 30 or 40 booths without even having a twinge of interest - but then it happened, there on my left was a booth filled with wonderful floral paintings that immediately caught my interest. I entered the booth, looked around and fully enjoyed the work when this very nice lady asked if she could help me. I told her what I was doing and that her work had caught my eye. We discussed the art world for a few minutes and shared the blessings that God has given us through art. I then stepped back and took another look at the wonderful florals that decorated the booths walls. I informed her that she might want to look at our blog today. I have made you wait long enough - her name is Kimberly Marshall from St. Petersburg, Florida. You can see her work at Not until I got home and read one of her hand outs did I realize why I liked her so much. These are her words “ My art is an expression of my passion and love for life.”

It wasn't long after I left Kimberly's that I spotted another booth that drew me in. This time the paintings were watercolors- but not just any watercolors. This wonderful lady from Massachusetts said “can I show you something?” and I answered “yes, you can.” I was in heaven as she asked me what piece I liked the best. It didn't take me long to point to the beautiful vertical painting with very colorful flowers. As we talked she informed me that every painting that she paints comes from her garden or area. Her name is Barbara W. Doncaster and I may go back to her booth with my wife tomorrow. Her email address is I wish that I had a picture of her work to show you but I hope you will contact her and she can provide you with some pictures. Both these ladies went out of their way to be friendly and gracious. I highly recommend that you follow up on the blog and get acquainted with these artists. The show continues through Sunday so if any of you are in the Chicago area, I would say that it is worth checking out this show just to see the works of these two ladies.

Tomorrow I will be writing about a friend that I ran across at the show but space doesn't allow me to include that visit in today's blog. Yes, I have been encouraged today and feel that there must be numerous other talented artists out there for me to find and pass on to you.

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Cindy is out of town and will be back tomorrow so thanks for being patient with me as I have struggled to do just half as good at this job as she does.

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