Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Looking Forward to the Days Ahead

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Today just might turn out to be a special day for 31 Club Member, Cecil. Often times, it can take some time to complete a sale with a seller, but today, Cecil has had his final offer accepted on an Anna Pig and 141 Confederate Letters and he's headed out to complete the transactions. He has been talking with me about these two trades for weeks, but it seems his great day has come. Of course, nothing is a done deal until the merchandise is in hand so let’s hope this happens for Cecil.

This profession isn’t about getting a pay check every day, but when the pay off comes, it can change the year for you. This is the adrenalin rush I need to fulfill me, and it keeps me going. Even today, I get excited from rehashing my old stories of past successes. In fact, my wife Vickie has given each of my stories its own number. I pray that Cecil will be adding two more stories to his list of successes today.

Feel the thrill of your successes each time they come. This is what gives us the will to continue when days and weeks have passed without a single purchase or sale being made. You might even keep a journal of successes, so when the days of nothingness overtake you, you can remind yourself of these successes and be re-inspired for the days ahead of you.

I wake up every morning knowing this can that one day when the phone rings or I visit a shop and find the treasure that will be added to my story list. I have found most dealers hesitant to talk about their successes, but not me. I am proud of every one I can remember. Why not be proud? By sharing your stories, you could be encouraging others to follow your lead and find success in their own life.

On another note, Cindy and I went to our storage facility today to photograph our latest finds, and they will soon be posted in the 31 Gallery & Marketplace. I was amazed by the number of items that have been added to our inventory in such a short period of time, given how busy we’ve been on other things. I would like to hear more about the items being added to your lists. Remember, if we don't buy, then there isn't anything to sell. Yes, we want to buy the rare, but to keep in practice, we may have to lower our sights for a few days until that special treasure just leaps out at us and a new story is born.

So, here’s my suggestion today. Don’t let another week pass by without making some purchases. Buy a few dolls and toys at a garage sale. At an estate sale, buy a few quality figurines if you can. After this, visit a couple of resale shops and see what you can find there. Then, head home to list this group of purchases. No, you probably won't make a fortune, but what a surprise it could be if, like Marsha, you bought a plate for a few dollars and saw it sail to over $400 on eBay.

Read, read, read and then practice what you've read. This will ultimately end in your success big time.

I haven't heard from many of our members about their position in the “Million Dollar Race.” You didn't think I had forgotten about it, did you? The 31 Gang feels they are just taking the first turn, but we don't know if we are ahead or behind. So, send us an e-mail about your trades, and help inspire many others who are just starting out.

Let's keep our fingers crossed for Cecil, because he has been so generous to all of the 31 Club members sharing the knowledge he brings to our blog on a regular basis. You go guy.

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