Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Power of Two – 31 Club Associates Program

English Artist, Graham Hedges, "Storm at Sea" is one of two Hedges Paintings located by a 31 Club Member.

You, the 31 Club Members, have taken 31 Club Associates Program challenge like a race horse with the bit in his mouth, and you're running away with the race. You understand how advantageous it is to partner up to purchase fine art and antiques and share the profits. I have to pinch myself to be sure that what’s happening is real, so I’d like to share some of my excitement with you.

William, a true gentleman who had never been in this business before, was the first 31 Club Member to partner with us through the 31 Club Associates Program. We began corresponding on a regular basis with very little happening until one day, he called me about a Texas painting he saw at an upcoming sale. We agreed he should attend the sale. In the meantime, I took a look at the other items from sales leaflet over the Internet.

He arrived to the sale early and examined the painting, but it was priced extremely high and didn’t interest us anywhere near this price. However, there was another painting of interest I saw on the sales leaflet. It was by the artist, Walter Darby Bannard, so William took a look at that one.

I expected the painting to be over priced, like the last one, but it wasn’t. We were able to purchase this painting very reasonably, and this became the first Associate Program listing. When it sells, William will earn 35% of the net price, without ever having invested a dime of his own money.

I believe you have seen the beginning of the future for the Antique and Fine Art industry. I’m quite certain that once others catch wind of this, they’ll either join us or try to duplicate our program.

I hope I don't get these out of order, but the next purchase through the Associate Program that comes to mind was the Patrick Henry document Cecil found and put through the program, followed by another painting William located by Peter Schofield. All of a sudden, we found ourselves hustling to keep up with the calls. Vicki D. located a wonderful Rookwood lamp and a Muncie lamp we partnered on. Two nautical paintings by English Artist, Graham Hedges, presented by Marsha M. soon became part of the Associates Program.

Over the last couple of days, we’ve entered into agreements with members on 147 Civil War Confederate Letters written by a soldier to his wife, many of which were sent during battle, a 1940's Kentucky Derby glass, and have a pending deal in process for 21 vintage movie posters and several signed photographs of movie stars from the 30's.
You, too, can earn 35% on high quality items you locate that fit our criteria. All you have do do is become a member of 31 Club.

Other Members are listing their items on the 31 Gallery & Marketplace, knowing the sales fees are the most reasonable of anywhere in the industry. That’s because we believe most of the other sales venues have simply decided to take too much of the pie. If you work hard, you should get to keep your honest rewards. That's how we work.

Anyone can join the 31 Club. We have newbies up through seasoned professionals as members. We even have members who own antique shops who are beginning to list some of their higher quality items on our Gallery and Marketplace. If you haven’t joined yet, why not?

Although we may be in the very early stages, The 31 Club is gearing up for great things. We are here to assist you however you ask, because nothing is as important to us as your success.

God Bless each and every one who have joined us and who read this blog.


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Treasure Hunters -- You Find, We Buy & Sell, You Net 35%.
Partner up with 31 Club on high quality treasures you find.

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