Sunday, August 24, 2008

Be Easy With me

Cindy is going to be out of town today so I will be handling the blog by myself. Both Cindy and Vickie make a lot of fun about my mistakes in the blog so I ask for you to take pity on me today as I am on my own.
One of the first hurdles that we must overcome to reach our goals and convince people that our plan for the 31 Club members is for real is to post the results of our members transaction. So, I have some facts that I would like to share with you and these results can be yours as well by using the Associates program or by listing your items on our Marketplace.
This week Cecil has been instrumental in two transactions involving the Associates Program - we currently have transactions pending that will pay him over $3,600 upon the completion the item's sale. Both of these transactions will be with collectors and completed within 10 days of the purchase of the items. One of the advantages of the 31 Club for its members is that we, as your staff, have a very extensive list of collectors waiting for us to present them items that they are searching for. This includes paintings, pottery, art glass and almost all upper end collectibles. Often if you discover an item either for the Marketplace or Associates Program, we may have it sold the next day. This doesn't even have to be outside of our own group of members - we have recently had two members sell their items to other members of the club.
I hope you are beginning to see the potential advantages that being a member of the 31 Club provides you, if not I am failing to properly explain it. One of the things that Cindy will be doing in the near future is placing a clear and exact description of the Associates Program and the Marketplace on our website. This will hopefully answer any and all questions you may have about using these two options to assist you with success in the antique and fine art markets.
Just this week it was announced that “Worthpoint Corporation” was in the process of “Go Antiques”. There was no purchase amount disclosed on the deal, but you can be assured that it will be sizable. So what will Worthpoint get for their money - a company that charges a monthly fee for the dealer's listing their own items for sale on the “Go Antiques” site, they state that there are over 300,000 members pesently. Secondly, Go Antiques also receives a fairly substantial percentage of the sale price; and, thirdly if they help you list your items on another auction site they charge you a percentage for that service too. I think I have just answered my own question - they receive revenues. As an information company, combining this new aspect to their over all business plan, makes complete sense. But now my question is why should you use them?
Now let me bring a big smile to your face - the 31 Club is giving you all of this for free with the exception of a small completion fee for your items sold. We don't charge a monthly fee. We don't charge anything for providing you the best information on where to sell your items (for instance, we have recommended that our members sell their better Rookwood pottery at Cincinnati Art Galleries because that is where we think it will bring the most money); and yes, our commission fees are the lowest in the general marketplace. How can you pass up a deal like that.
Now, let me give you the best part of being a member of the 31 Club. We will buy the items you have including ones you discover - without you spending a penny! If you have already purchased an item that we approve of in accordance by certain standards we set, we will return your money. After the purchase of the item by the 31 Club, we will sell it and pay you 35% of the net profit. I challenge you to find another program in the Antiques or Fine Art's industry that offers this program. If you are already a Antique dealer or just getting starting and haven't joined the 31 Club - What are you waiting for?

You can join the 31 Club by going to and by the way you will recieve my book " 31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques and Collectibles " Free with your membership.

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