Friday, August 8, 2008

Carnival Glass Revisited

Fenton Dragon & Lotus Carnival Glass Plate sold for $1225 on eBay.

We’ve covered many topics over the last year, and even though each day I’d like to present something new, it’s just as important to keep up to date on subjects already discussed. One of these is Carnival Glass, particularly the rare pieces. This fine glass appears to be making a comeback and headed for greater heights.

Good Carnival Glass can no longer can be purchased for hundreds of dollars; today it will likely take thousands. This is like the start of a new market for many people, and the younger collectors seem to be drawn to Carnival Glass, because as you know, it was known as the poor man's Tiffany. No more however; certain more rare pieces are being elevated to the price ranges of some Tiffany. Wouldn't you want to know which pieces have high values?

I am glad to share my knowledge about Carnival Glass but if you’re going to be truly knowledgeable, it’s important to have a book that will help educate you. I have only recommended you buy a few books, and even then, I’ve given you places that you could used books at reasonable prices. If you want to be knowledgeable about Carnival Glass, the one you need to get quickly is the Standard Encyclopedia of Carnival Glass by Bill Edwards. It’s a must if you plan to make big money in this business. This one book will give you almost everything you need to know about this glass. It gives a very complete price guide in the back, and all you need to do is see if these prices have changed.

Don't be surprised if you’re looking through a house sale or auction sale and see a Carnival Ice Cream Bowl by Northfield in the Peacock at the Urn pattern. It’s only 10” wide but carries a hefty price if it’s found in the Aqua opalescent glass. Are you ready for this? From the old Bill Edward’s book, the Standard Encyclopedia of Carnival Glass, this piece is priced at $31,000. What might that price be today?

Most people who still have Carnival Glass and aren't collectors have no idea it could be as valuable as it is. This glass used to be a give-away piece at grocery stores or gas stations. Someone who owns these pieces today could have received it from their mother or aunt and it’s been tucked away ever since. A bowl could easily be found for under $25.00 at house sales.

It’s one of my greatest pleasures to receive an auction list or a list of items selling at an estate or house sale from a member and to be able to tell them there are real treasures on that list. This happened yesterday when a member sent me a list from an auction he was planning to attend, and lo and behold – a very special piece of Carnival Glass was on that list. I was stunned to see it had an estimate of only $100. This piece, in the right selling venue, could easily bring $1,200 or more. Hopefully, our member will be the lucky buyer of this fine piece.

I previously wrote about a collection of Carnival Glass our member, Cecil, purchased and he called the other day and shared his results. He informed me that his entire investment has been recouped with the sale of only three or four pieces. He still has most of the better pieces and when he sells them, he should be able to put several thousand dollars in his pocket.

Carnival Glass is truly one of the real treasures we should keep our eye out for as we continue our journey together.

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