Saturday, August 9, 2008

Things Happen

I received some bad news yesterday, and I want to apologize if there were any emails or questions I didn't return answers. My son-in-law in Tennessee passed away unexpectedly and my family and I had to prepare for our trip down south for the funeral.

I’ll be in contact with Cindy to be sure our unbroken record of consecutive blogs isn't broken. If there is anything that needs immediate attention she can be reached at In fact often times, she may be able to answer you better than I. While I'm away, I would appreciate you continuing to send me ideas about what might help your success, or sending any ideas you have for the club. There isn't a wrong subject, and there may be many others just waiting for someone to ask for a blog on the subject you suggest who will benefit by your suggestion or question. This Club will always have, front and center, the desire to help our fellow members. Hopefully soon, we’ll have a way for you to communicate with each other. Keep watching because Jeremy has some exciting things in store for you in the future on our website.

Truthfully I have to admit, at this moment my heart isn't into writing about Antiques and Art, but about the importance and beauty of finding true friends and sharing your life with them. God willing, there will be many years for us to discuss adventures and treasure finds together, but by chance, there may also be times we need to share our pains. Please always feel free to express to us and your fellow 31 Club members, times when you need prayer and support. We are your friends. Having said that, I ask for you keep my family, and especially my daughter, in your prayers until we return on Monday. This will be a difficult trip, and my wife Vickie will be doing most of the driving, so I ask for prayers that she’ll be able to get some rest somewhere along the line.

When you think about it, you could die of a bee sting, a car accident, or on the operating table like my son-in-law, but God knows your time so it’s best to always be prepared. You can wake up each morning and figure it won’t be today, but are you sure?

Never leave anything undone that needs your attention today, because by waiting, it may be too late to tell those kids or grandkids you love them, or to give your wife or husband that last kiss.

The last thing I do before falling off to sleep each night is to give God thanks for all the blessing I’ve had that day. At my age, I am truly beginning to realize how little control I have over things and how grateful I am for that. As I leave on this trip thinking about a number of things, one of them will be about all the success we’re having together, giving God the appreciation He deserves for this.

In His grace,

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