Sunday, July 6, 2008

Researching One Collectible Item a Week Can Mean Money in Your Pocket

Have you run out of items to research? If you take at least one item a week and research it, this can mean money in your pocket. There are some items that are very collectible and most dealers pass them by because they don’t have any idea of their value.

Today I’m talking collectible electrical items.

Here in the mountains where I’m vacationing, summer has started out very hot. While we’re staying in air conditioned accomodations, in days past people had to depend upon electric fans to stay cool. Did you know that these old fans can bring hundreds of dollars today? And you may very well find them in a garage or yard sale.

There are special fans that combine several metals to get a wonderful decorative look, and these fans were far ahead of their day. Prices of these wonderful fans can be checked and researched in Kovel’s Price Guide as well as on the internet. The copper blades on some of them gave an Arts and Crafts look and added to the decor of many above average homes of the day.

After the invention of electricity, the country had a thirst for items that could make life easier. Telephones became popular, and today, the decorative ones can bring $500 and up. The first telephones had wooden cases and a fairly large magnet in their core. In good shape and with all their working parts, these can bring at least $500. The wooden telephones began to disappear when a wonderful era of fabulous designs in phones began. Many of these will also demand a fair penny in today’s market.

One item that I bet you hadn’t thought of is electric cigarette lighters. Yes, electric cigarette lighters. In fact, if you see one today you might not recognize what it is. With the demise of smoking, anything associated with tobacco will become very collectible.

Early examples of electric hair curlers might be worth watching for, as well as early electric razors.

The value of early television sets and radios can bring prices in the thousands, and it would be well worth your while to research them. I predict that soon there will be a very active collector group for old computers, if there isn’t one already.

I will leave it to your imagination to think of the many other items that fall into this category of collectible electrical items

Because they weren’t made to be collectible, but functional, they weren’t stored away to be protected as many collectible items are. Many of these items were destroyed, leaving only a few, so upon selling them to collectors, they should meet our rule on buying and selling. These items should continue to appreciate in value for the remaining ones that survive.

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