Monday, July 21, 2008

Full Speed Ahead for the 31 Club Gallery & Maketplace

This Jean Faurege painting sold this week at the 31 Club Gallery for $5,000.

I am going to be up front with you, because this blog is mostly about your 31 Club Marketplace. I’ve been telling you for some time now that all the hard work Cindy, Chris, and Jeremy have been doing would pay off for our members. Well, we are beginning to see the results. The marketplace part of the 31 Club will be perhaps your greatest asset in this business. Let me explain that statement:

Getting top dollar for the fine art, antique & collectible items we sell in this business is important, but the percentage of the sale we keep has equal importance.

Within a very short period of time, our emails and phone calls have lit up with inquiries about our listings. Just in the last few days, we’ve sold the Jean Faurege Painting and the Doulton Lambeth-Hannah Barlow decorated vase. The painting brought $5000 and the vase $3750.

The owners of these items could have taken these pieces to auction or listed them on eBay, but here’s the difference. Customers are beginning to recognize the quality we are showing in the gallery and are seeing that they don't have to look through hundreds of items to find one of quality. I believe these two items we sold this week would have sat in a shop or in a booth at a show forever because of the few number of people that would have seen them, but with your 31 Club Gallery, there are now thousands of people viewing items every month.

When customers come to our 31 Club Gallery & Marketplace, they'll find items of high quality without searching through an endless inventory of common items. Once customers find something they like, they are buying it at the asking price.

I can assure you that the people who bought the Faurege painting and the Doulton Lambeth vase will know they bought a quality piece at a fair price. I've already received an email from the woman who purchased the painting expressing her complete satisfaction.

Selling items at auction can be expensive, but not selling items at the 31 Club Gallery & Marketplace. And buyers don't have to worry about buyer's premium when they buy.

$500 was the total commission on the $5,000 painting with no buyer’s premium a buyer would have to pay to an auction house. In this way, the buyer could pay the asking price and still save money, while the seller received $4,500. Compare that with what they would’ve received at auction house or on eBay.

The commission on the Doulton Lambeth vase was only $281.25, netting the seller $3468.75. I highly encourage you to consider listing your better items on the 31 Club Gallery & Marketplace. If they don’t sell as quickly as you would like, you can always sell them at auction. Another great advantage to your marketplace is that your items never leave your hands until they are sold.

Beginning Wednesday, Cindy and I will be photographing over 100 new items we’ll be listing, and I think you’ll enjoy and benefit from these expanded listings. I believe there’s a new Sheriff coming to town and it’s the 31 Club Gallery & Marketplace. Remember --I told you first.

It is so easy for Club Members to list with us.

Everything is sold on the condition that it is still available. You send us the pictures and descriptions and the prices you wish to achieve and we'll set you up. We do reserve the right to refuse items if they don't meet our high standards or if they are over priced for the current market. We are using the honor system with our members. You’ll deal with the customer directly and will send us the commission check. Yes, we are going to be a community that helps one another.

Members --Remember -- If you come across special items beyond your buying budget, call us and see if the items fits our Associates Program. We'll help you buy the item!

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