Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Always Making Progress in the Antique & Fine Art Business

Louise E. Edwards-Doulton Lambeth 19" Vase, circa 1882, is offered at 31 Gallery & Marketplace.

I’ve written several times that high quality items are selling in today’s market and this is reflected in our 31 Gallery & Marketplace sales. I believe as money continues to tight America, quality in the antique and fine art market will be like cream rising to the top. In the last week, our Hannah Barlow designed Doulton vase sold for over $3700, and the other Doulton Lambeth piece in our gallery will not be far behind. Our Jean Faurege painting also sold for $5,000. What if these items had been yours?

Because of the high quality of items being presented in our Gallery & Marketplace, many serious collectors are returning to see what new items have been added. The Gallery & Marketplace is available for 31 Club Members to list their high quality items, and if you’re not a member yet, why not?

I believe our 19” Louisa E. Edwards vase by Doulton will soon sell. It was made in 1882 and incorporated at least two other assistants in its production. At $3750, I believe it’s a bargain for anyone looking for something very special to add to their collection.

What will set the 31 Marketplace above most other places offering Antiques and Fine Art is that our members can make substantial money without using a single penny of their own money. This is accomplished by using the club’s Associates Program when you find high quality art and antiques that may be out of your budget to purchase. When you call and tell us about the item, the 31 Club partners with its member to acquire the item and though this partnership, we are able to bring great treasures to the market together.

With the dollar so beaten up in our country, this might be a great time to concentrate on items made out of this country. You see, the Hannah Barlow vase was sent back to its country of origin – England. With the difference in currency, this English buyer bought the item at near half price.
A few of the companies that can pay you great dividends if you are knowledgeable enough to spot them are Meissen, Rosenthal, Nymphenburg, Doulton, Royal Worchester, Dahl Jensen and Hutschenreuther. If you find a treasure of this sort and list it with us, either yourself or through the Associates Program, it will get a good look from our foreign collectors.

While these are just a few of the companies, a little research into more companies will increase your knowledge. It’s in researching that you learn best. There are several books that you can find used that will give more detail on these companies. I would high suggest that you either buy or read books at your local bookstore or library on these companies

Here’s a 31 Club Update of our development progress:

* An Online Inventory Sheet so you can keep track of your items and your progress is in the final stages of testing. I think it will be a great asset to you.

*The 31 Gangs Race to A Million Progress Sheet has been up dated and will be posted soon. I think that you will be surprised by the gangs progress.

*The 31 Club Panel of Experts is coming together and I think there are going to be many experts who will be there for you.

*Free Advertising for your Wish List is the next major item for Jeremy to complete.

*The Associates Program is up and running well. There have been several members who have already taken advantage of this program.

*New Items Coming. There are approximately 100 new items in the process of are being listed on the Marketplace.

*Video. The club is now the proud owner of a video camera and all the accessories necessary to do video for the site. If you have video you’d like to share with the Club please, send it to us. It is all right to advertise your site or store.

Our membership is growing every day, and I personally thank you for your support by telling your friends and enrolling your family and for staying with us while we build our site from scratch. These are, indeed, exciting times we live in.


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