Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Find Your Passion. I Love Daum Nancy Glass

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What is your passion? In the Antique & Fine Art Business, this is very important to know if you want to be successful. Over time, my passions have changed along with my collections. As a child, I started collecting coins and when I sold the collection, it paid for my college education. This was a true blessing because I already had a wife and child at the time. I later developed a passion for Griswold cast iron, and when it came time to buy a house, the sale of my Griswold collection provided for the down payment. Since then, I have collected, if you want to call it collecting, many things. In reality, I’ve been able to keep beautiful things until I sold them at a price I was satisfied with.

My latest passion is for Fine Art, because it is the most difficult to master. I spend several hours a week just studying in the direction I want my passion in art to go. For example, I'm most interested in Kentucky artists and regional art. But don't misunderstand me, everything in my house, with the exception of my wife and son, are for sale for the right price. For example, my two Patty Thum paintings, that happen to be the only paintings I’ve brought home that my wife likes, could cost you a pretty penny, but they are for sale for the right price.

But, there’s been one passion that’s stayed with me for many years and that is Daum Nancy Glass. I fell in love with this art glass the first time I saw it. I particularly like the enameled acid etched pieces, and I look for these. Over the years, I have always kept a few pieces of this glass in my home, even though I have owned many that have been sold. I prefer Daum Nancy Glass to Galle, and I think the artistry of Daum is much better than Galle.

Financially speaking, Daum Nancy has been fantastic for me, and it can be for you too, once you become knowledgeable about it. One Daum vase I owned made the cover of the Cincinnati At Galleries sales catalog one year. It was a large piece of a winter scene depicting snow blanketing the ground with leafless birch trees filled with blackbirds. If I remember correctly, this vase brought over $15,000.

Today, however, we have to be careful about reproductions or outright fakes, but with Daum Nancy this is fairly easy. First look at as many pieces of the real thing as you can. This is easily done by visiting good Antique Shows. One of the greatest pieces to keep your eye out for are the Daum Nancy 1 inch to 2 inch range Miniatures, decorated with winter scenes and some flowers. I have sold these little beauties for over $2,500 and usually never pay more than $500 for them.

“Glass Art Nouveau to Art Deco” by Victor Arwas is a great book you might want to have. I’m sure there are many other books out there, but I have this one. Books on Glass, Antiques and Art are a must if you want to expand your knowledge in this field. It’s not necessary to purchase new books. I buy used, and it enables me to buy many books. Whatever older book you’re looking for, chances are you can find it used on Amazon.com.

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