Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Local Auction House Treasures

This Charles Bragg original oil paintinge is offered on eBay for $9000.00.

A little rest is a good thing, and it can do amazing things. I certainly rested enough on my Smokey Mountain vacation, and as you all know by now, I was eager to get back into the swing of things again. So, yesterday I went to our local auction house to pick up a couple of checks I had waiting for me there. One check was for a group of Depression Glass pieces I sold for the 31 Group’s Race to the Million Dollars, and the other was for a painting I sold that I hadn’t paid anything for.

The Depression Glass cost the group $70, and as I said, the painting cost me nothing. I wasn’t expecting any great shakes from their sale, in fact, the checks had been sitting at the auction house waiting for me to pick up for several weeks. You can imagine my surprise when I opened the envelope and a check for $175 for the Depression Glass was staring me in the face. I flipped to the next check and could barely contain myself. $750 dollars for a painting that cost me nothing.

If these results had been someone’s first step in the 31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques & Collectibles program, they would’ve been off to a great start.

When you have very little expectations and something like this happens, the adrenalin rush can't be measured. However, this isn't where this story ends. I previewed the items for the auction scheduled for later that night, and I came up with my list of items I’d bid on. And bid I did!

I ended up purchasing a cowboy water color for $150 and four Bing and Bonadal figurines for $25. And, what a gift followed when I was able to buy two wonderful Indiana Dunes paintings by Glen Bastian for $600. I was just getting started. Then came the large oil on board by Alexander for $45. Only $45! And then, maybe the best buy of the night were two oils by the well listed artist, Charles Bragg for $350. I finished off this buying spree with very large print by Le Be Dang and a print by Leroy Nieman from the 1972 Olympics; very appropriate, don’t you think?

Our total investment was $1645, but what could this return to us? I figure the return will be a minimum of $5,000 and very possibly quite a bit more. Not bad for a Tuesday night. I got talk with all my friends who were there, share stories with them, and I learn a lot from asking questions while I’m there. What a fun and exciting way to make money this is!

You will be able to follow the sales of these items on the 31 gang’s inventory sheet. I promise that the 31 gang hasn't forgotten about the race, and our new webmaster, Jeremy, is preparing the webpage so Cindy and I can update it ourselves as things sell. We may not be in the lead, and if you are ahead of us, you’ll know we are close behind. Have you started your race yet? What Step are you up to?I know of many of you who have been working the steps have had some amazing results. So, if you haven’t sent in your gains to us, send us an e-mail and share your stories.

Just a simple small local auction with very little expectation, but look what happened. And the same thing can happen for you if you get out there. What I sold got me revved up, and what I bought will keep me excited for weeks. So come, join us and have some fun. And profit from it, too.
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