Friday, July 4, 2008

Canine Collectibles

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I’m on the move again, this time to the Great Smoky Mountains. Not having my reference books and the internet at my fingertips, I was thinking about what I could share today. When we passed a Greyhound bus, I knew I had the subject for today: Canine Collectibles.

Collectors of Dog Figurines and Art Will Pay Big for a Special Piece. The more life-like the piece, the more it will bring in the marketplace. Like everything else in this field, quality counts.

At one time, I had a fabulous collection of dog items which included everything from porcelain figurines to limited prints of special dog breeds. Did you know that dog collectors will pay almost anything for special pieces that represent their favorite breed? If you can find interesting pieces that appeal to the canine collector, this field holds unlimited opportunity to make money.

A few of the breeds that command high prices from the collectors are the Borzi, also known as the Russian Wolf Hound, the Bull Terrier, and the French Poodle. I have sold porcelain figurines by such companies as Meissen, Rosenthal, Nymphenburg and Royal Worchester for several thousand dollars each of the Borzi.

The Bull terrier is on my favorite list to watch for. If you run across the large Royal Doulton brindle Bull Terrier, in the large sizes, you’ll find that prices might reach as much as $15,000. Another key piece for this breed is the Marshall Boehm figurine, and you can almost set your price for this if you find one of these. And, the French would have my tail if I didn’t mention the highly collected French Poodle.

If you find any of these pieces, be sure to purchase them quickly before the person behind you sees them, because they never last long at a sale. There are bronzes, glass, pottery, and many other representations of these dogs that could substantially add to your profit once purchased.

Let’s not leave out paintings, prints (I have one of a champion Fox Terrier that I have been offered $1000 for but think it is worth more), advertising pieces, silver cups given to the winners of dog shows, and even medals awarded to the best of a show. If you have doubts as to this market, go to eBay completed auctions and see for yourself.

I once had a friend that called me about three pottery dogs he found and asked my opinion of them. When I did the research, I found that they were very rare, so I suggested that he ask $1,000 apiece for them. And guess what. I wasn’t even close. They reached almost $2,500 each. I just saw where a pottery Whippet dog sold for well over $12,000. With figures like these, I don’t think I need to further encourage you to look for canine collectibles. Remember, the more life-like the piece, the higher the value will be in the marketplace, and quality and condition count.

If it goes bow wow, then it is worth taking a look at.

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