Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Lure of Satava Glass

Richard Satava Plum Nautilus Black Sea Foam Lidded, 19.50" high by 8.25" wide,is offered at for $3,600

I am always looking for something to add to my inventory of knowledge, and I think I have found a winner. One of our members put me on to Satava Glass, and I can assure, I will be encouraging our members to take a look at it and to also be ready to purchase pieces if they become available in their search. You can see this wonderful glass highly skilled artist, Richard Satava, at Satava’s interest in glass began back in 1969 in California, and he opened his studio in 1977.

You might want to start sharing about this beautiful glass with your contacts, so they’ll be ready to purchase whatever you find – sort of like selling before you purchase -- and that isn't all bad. In fact, I am making my list of customers as I type this blog. I believe that if I can find some pieces at today’s prices, my customers can double their purchase price within the next year.

I have to admit, I fell in love with the nautical pieces, and I must have one of the Jellyfish pieces for myself. I hope to talk with Richard in the near future, because I won't be at peace until he shares with me how he makes the Jellyfish. If you find one of his pieces, and you’re not interested in it, please call me and give me a chance at it.

You should be aware there are others who now are making Jellyfish pieces, such as Christoper Lowry, however, in my opinion, no one matches the artistry of Richard Satava.

The 31 Club promised to keep its members ahead of the trend, and by announcing that this glass is one of the new featured items suggested by the 31 Club, we're doing just that. I would think that if you mentioned Satava to the average person today, they would say “Who?” But, that won't last long.

I want to encourage all of you to bring items that catch your attention to the 31 Club, so that its members can evaluate them, and if they pass our scrutiny, we'll recommend them for purchase. So many fantastic works of art go unnoticed because they are never fully brought to the public’s attention. Believe it our not, Tiffany was just another name until a lady in New York by the name of Lillian Nassau sponsored it and bought these wonderful pieces to the place where today, Tiffany is a household name.

The next ten days are going to be very difficult, as I travel to the Smokies, but I’m sure your staff is up to the task at hand. I can share with you that Cindy is a little nervous about how communications are going to proceed next week, but I assured her everything will be all right.

We may not be able to get to you as quickly as normal, but please be patient. I’ll be near a computer and also have my cell, but if I never put them down on this family vacation, I'm not sure that I will come back alive. My wife Vickie is small, but you’ve heard dynamite comes in small packages.

Have a wonderful week and be sure to remember what the 4th of July is all about.

God Bless you all.

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