Saturday, August 18, 2007

Where We Were - Our History is What We Collect

The old tin Allied Van Line truck on the self with the Owensboro Kentucky Logo on its side. The Coca Cola bottle that says Owensboro on the bottom that sits in my window. My wife at church cropping photos during Craft Morning for her many photo albums.

What do they have in common?

I think as I sit here that we are all longing for the great memories from our past: our home town, the schools that we attended or our friends that we seldom see that made our lives so wonderful. We hold those memories dearly and we are searching to regain them through these objects.

This makes a special opportunity for us in this business of antiques and collectibles because we can provide these things to others and allow them to recapture those wonderful times. When you are out there searching for your treasures, it might be important to ask yourself, "Is this a part of someone's life that they would like to aquire?"

I often see where relatives of an artist buying back their fathers, uncle's or other family members' paintings. One example that comes to mind is the families of the painters of Pickard porcelain. I have sold them pieces for their collections. I love to see the expressions on peoples faces went I am able to sell them a piece that brings back wonderful memories for them. This market will never disappear whether we are in good times or bad.

Can you share with us where you made some one happy by selling them something from their past?

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